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Revelation Help Desk Software

Revelation help desk software is all about freedom. The freedom to choose what you want. The freedom to access from anywhere. The freedom to customize. The freedom to grow. Since Revelation is 100% web-based, you only need to install it once – or not at all (with the ASP option). Regardless of where you host Revelation all you need to access it is a current web browser. There is nothing to download, nothing to install and no plugins needed.

Revelation help desk software gives you the freedom to pay for only what you need. Revelation Helpdesk is completely modular; you can pick the bundle that most closely matches your needs. As needs change you can easily upgrade to a new bundle or add licenses – all it takes is a phone call.

Each bundle includes three licenses, a selection of feature modules and an annual support contract. Revelation offers the following bundles: Enterprise, Professional, and Standard.

Revelation’s flexible structure allows it to conform to any support process easily. From local IT support companies to statewide organizations to national government operations.

The number one reason why IT professionals do not like their current help desk software is that it takes too much time to use. Revelation Helpdesk was designed by support professionals for support professionals. You can log a new call in four steps (or less) and it takes less than half the time of most competing systems.

Revelation’s built in Management Reports are dynamic, allowing you to drill down to detail without having to re-run the report. Custom reports can be saved and the data easily exported to .xls files.

Revelation reports track time and activity volume across a variety of built in and custom criteria. If you sell your support services, then Revelation can track billable and nonbillable time as well. When integrated with our dynamic rate tables, Revelation will track the value of work performed and even compare expected costs vs. actual in real time.

Revelation’s powerful report generators and Management Overview interface give you all the information you need to keep your operation running at peak performance.

Revelation Helpdesk is used by thousands of companies for their support needs.Revelation’s client base is split evenly amongst System Integrators, Internal IT Support and Customer Support organizations. Revelation’s flexible infrastructure allows all formsof incident tracking to be managed with Revelation Helpdesk.