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RightNow CRM Review

RightNow CRM solutions enable businesses to enhance service while improving their bottom line. With its broad range of features and functionality, including fully-integrated IVR and speech recognition, RightNow CRM can help companies acquire and retain more clients.

Is RightNow CRM Right for Your Business?

Montana-based RightNow Technologies offers solutions that extend beyond customer relationship management to empower companies with efficient and effective customer experience management. Since 1997, RightNow has been helping businesses find the balance between providing superior customer support and preserving the bottom line.

RightNow CRM solutions are designed specifically for companies that are looking to get up-and-running quickly, without a lot of customization or add-on work. The company has used its strong background in large call centers to build a solid base for its customer experience management offerings. Currently, RightNow solutions are in use at more than 1,700 organizations worldwide.

The RightNow CRM provides a variety of applications to help businesses win and maintain more clients:

Service and Support
RightNow Service enables companies to improve the effectiveness of service delivery through all customer support channels, so they can answer questions, respond to problems, and resolve issues faster.

Marketing Automation
RightNow Marketing allows for more efficient execution and management of campaigns and promotions, and improved administration of leads. So critical marketing messages can be delivered to prospects and customers in a timely, consistent, and cost-effective fashion.

Sales Automation
RightNow Sales provides sales staff with the ability to better manage their contacts, accounts, and pipelines, as well as related tasks, activities, and processes. It also offers pre-built sales methodologies for several vertical industries, including media, automotive, and telecommunications.

Contact Center
RightNow Voice enhances contact center operations with innovative interactive voice response (IVR) and speech recognition capabilities. So customers can utilize faster, more convenient phone-based services, participate in surveys, report problems, and more. This technology is available as a result of RightNow’s acquisition of Convergent in mid-2005.

Reporting and Analysis
RightNow Analytics provides complete visibility into all interactions across sales, marketing, and service operations. So company decision-makers can quickly see what’s working and what’s not, and take corrective action when needed.

RightNow CRM offers both on-demand and on-premise applications. However, approximately 90% of the company’s customer base utilizes hosted versions of the RightNow CRM product line.

**Oracle Acquired RightNow Technologies in October of 2011**