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Saba Talent Management Solutions

Founded in 1997, Saba has positioned itself as a global provider of strategic human capital management (HCM) software and services.

Saba’s people management solutions are used by more than 1,300 organizations and over 17 million end users worldwide. Saba’s scalable, end-to-end HCM solutions increase organizational performance by aligning workforce goals with organizational strategy; developing, managing and rewarding their people; and improving the return on investment that comes from a dynamic collaboration environment.

Saba product offerings address all aspects of strategic HCM and are available both on-premise and OnDemand. Plus, to ensure long-term customer success, Saba’s global services capabilities and partnerships provide strategic consulting, comprehensive implementation services, and ongoing worldwide support.

The company is committed to providing a robust, dynamic software platform that effectively and efficiently supports all aspects of enterprise learning, collaboration, performance, and talent management, as well as license updates and product support, OnDemand, implementation, training and consulting services. Saba software’s talent management solution suite is uniquely designed to help its customers through the execution of a management system for aligning goals, developing and motivating people, and measuring results.

Saba’s customers include a growing base of global enterprises and small- to mid-size organizations in the automotive, communications, computer software and hardware, electronics, consumer package goods, and transportation industries, as well as government and other public sector organizations.

Organizations around the world rely on the Saba platform to ensure that their customers, partners, and employees have the knowledge and skills required to successfully execute business initiatives.

As testament to its leading-edge HCM innovation, Saba achieved the leader quadrant position in the Gartner e-Learning Suite “Magic Quadrant”. Headquartered in Redwood Shores, California, Saba has offices on five continents.

Saba Key Strengths

  • Saba provides unified solutions for people management across learning, collaboration, performance, compensation and talent management, enabling customers to align, develop, manage and reward their people.
  • In people management, Saba has the most global capability, the most successful implementations at large, global enterprises, and the most extensible and scalable product architecture in the business. This is based on 10 years of focus on people management, full ownership of IP, and over $200 million of R&D invested in its solutions.
  • Saba Talent Suite is the company’s powerful solution that provides the ability to track and manage processes that relate to the identification and development of talent across the organization. Saba Talent Suite enables organizations to develop and nurture leaders, to optimize organizational performance and reduce risk.