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If is on your “short list” of customer relationship management (CRM) vendors, it’s no surprise. More than 27,000 companies have implemented solutions to coordinate and streamline customer-facing processes across their business.

So, what gives an edge over other CRM packages?

The Advantage

Among the primary benefits of solutions are the ease of deployment and user-friendliness that they offer. By delivering applications that are powerful and highly-functional, yet intuitive and easy-to-use, has enabled its customers to achieve user adoption rates that are well above the industry average. This widespread acceptance and use of customer relationship management has helped clients maximize the value of their solution, and realize rapid ROI. is also a very feature-rich solution. It offers a comprehensive suite of applications for sales force automation, marketing automation, partner marketing, call center management, and customer service and support.

Additionally, it provides advanced capabilities such as in-depth business reporting and analytics, flexible and reliable mobile access, and point-and-click customization that allows customers to quickly and easily configure their solution to meet their unique needs. has also earned a solid standing as the leader in hosted CRM. The company was among the first to offer customer relationship management on-demand, at a time when other vendors were still delivering only premised-based packages. As a result, they have perfected the hosted solutions model, and built a robust architecture that facilitates the efficient and effective delivery of CRM applications via the Web. So customers can make more productive use of their IT budgets and resources, while leveraging a scalable and agile platform that easily adapt as requirements change.

And, most importantly, places a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction. The solution comes complete with a wide range of free training and support services, as well as best practices guidance. Additionally, solutions are continuously enhanced and improved, and those upgrades are available to clients at no cost.