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Saratoga Systems CRM Review

Are you a large global enterprise, or a mid-sized company that is experiencing rapid growth and expansion? If so, then Saratoga software is the customer relationship management (CRM) solution for you.

Saratoga Systems creates powerful, feature-rich customer relationship management designed to address today’s biggest and most complex needs. With Saratoga software, companies with sophisticated, multi-faceted customer-facing operations can enhance client interactions at each and every touch point, from initial marketing outreach through sales and post-sales support.

Because today’s larger businesses often already have numerous mission-critical technology applications in place, all Saratoga software solutions, including its CRM application, are built on a robust, yet flexible architecture that enables seamless integration with even the most intricate system architectures. This fully open platform also provides rapid Web and wireless access, and ensures optimum performance.

With Saratoga software, companies can also leverage maximum scalability, taking advantage of a solution that can easily meet their needs today, then grow as their requirements evolve in the future. It supports even the most complex international operations, enabling smooth and efficient execution of critical customer-facing processes across multiple teams, countries, and languages. Additionally, Saratoga software provides one of the most intuitive, user-friendly CRM environments on the market today.

Saratoga software offers three maximum-strength CRM modules:

  • Sales. The Saratoga sales automation and management application provides sales staff with the timely and relevant information they need, as well as customizable dashboards and a dynamic forecasting tool, to identify opportunities and drive them to close.
  • Marketing. The Saratoga Marketing Communications Center makes it easy to plan and deploy successful lead generation campaigns and customer loyalty programs, then measure their effectiveness and impact on the bottom line.
  • Service and Support. With Saratoga software, companies can streamline their call center operations, so customers receive the prompt, responsive service they demand at all times. Staff has instant access to customer, product, warranty, billing, and quality information, so they can instantly satisfy customer requests and solve their problems.