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ScreenConnect Remote Support Solutions

Founded in 1995 to address software developers’ needs to solve problems in a structured way, Elsinore Technologies is now synonymous with enterprise issue management. The company’s mission is to deliver enterprise-class issue management solutions that come from using their products’ out-of-the-box capabilities or vast customization abilities. Elsinore Technologies’ fully-proven, award-winning software is used by more than 2,500 customers in dozens of countries.

ScreenConnect was first conceived as a free add-on to Elsinore’s IssueNet issue management software. Later, ScreenConnect was marketed as a standalone remote support system. Targeted as a low-priced download-and-go solution for remote support, ScreenConnect is a good solution for companies of all sizes who are looking for a product that is specifically focused on remote support with some remote access capability.

ScreenConnect Strengths

  • ScreenConnect feature set includes screen recording, file transfer, remote reboot in normal and safe mode, logging, multiple monitor support, automatic reconnect, UAC support, and other standard features.
  • ScreenConnect is a self hosted solution which allows users to completely integrate and brand the product into their existing website.
  • There are no monthly or annual fees associated. All purchases are one time only and provide 1 year of product updates and support.
  • Software works with clients on multiple platforms including PC, MAC, and Linux.
  • Users are provided with full access to all HTML, CSS, and ASP.NET source code.

ScreenConnect Technology

ScreenConnect is delivered as a fully functioning self-hosted remote support solution. The licensing is concurrent meaning that users can host as many sessions as they have individual licenses. Just as the name denotes unlimited license provide unlimited hosted sessions for anyone accessing the server where the license resides.


ScreenConnect Remote Support Software can be used to quickly and securely access the remote computer screen of users. With just a few clicks, customers on any operating system are immediately connected to the host. The software interface is straight forward and easy to understand, hosts launch sessions and clients are prompted to join via email, secure password, or a session can be left open for anyone to access. A small download is required for clients to join which is removed after the session ends. Overall ScreenConnect has the standard functionality of a premier remote support solution with a few twists the pricing is a one-time purchase so no monthly fees, it is self hosted providing the ability to control the end user experience, and the focus is less on tons of features and more on compatibility and usability for the host and client.