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ScriptLogic Help Desk Review

ScriptLogic, a recognized leader in the software industry, provides business software solutions to 71% of the Fortune 500 companies and to over 20,000 customers. ScriptLogic provides companies with instant improvements and improved productivity within their IT departments at a lower cost and is compatible with all types of networks in all kinds of industries.

Why Choose ScriptLogic Help Desk?

ScriptLogic’s industry leading help desk software solution, BridgeTrak Suite, provides companies with the complete functionality and comprehensive features necessary for companies to provide top notch customer service at a very reasonable cost.

BridgeTrak is a comprehensive help desk solution that is easy to learn and quick to install. Available via the web or for windows, BridgeTrak is easily implemented into your comapany’s system to allow your company to improve its help desk efficiency as soon as possible.

ScriptLogic’s most recent upgrade of its BridgeTrak solution, BridgeTrak 8.0, provides IT personnel with a powerful application that enables help desk departments to handle increased activity loads. Help Desk Staff are also able to completely track help desk issues from start to finish and ensure customer satisfaction is achieved.

ScriptLogic provides companies with the features to improve and streamline existing help desk processes and generate the results necessary to grow successfully.

Take advantage of a user friendly protection environment. Improve employee productivity with easy to install and easily customizable user interfaces. Standardize existing data entry processes and improved graphical views of critical data to improve accuracy and efficiency.

Save time with features that automate many simple tasks. Automatically receive, create, and number tickets for faster processing times. Highlight important issues with rule based features that automatically define and assign high priority tasks.

Track key data with comprehensive reporting tools. With a number of standard and customizable reporting features, all data can be organized and tracked to highlight important metrics.

Create a comprehensive knowledgebase to allow easy access of information. With a centralized and organized repository of information, issues can be easily identified and solved to improve issue response times and increase customer satisfaction.

Lower costs with improved customer service features. Provide a 24/7 self service site to allow customers to search for answers to their own issues enabling customers to get the answer they want when they need it while simultaneously reducing the amount of help desk requests received allowing agents to handle more challenging issues.

ScriptLogic’s BridgeTrak can also be easily integrated with many of its other award winning solutions such as Incident Management, Remote Management, or its Password Self-Service solutions. Download BridgeTrak Suite and try a demo to see how BridgeTrak could be helping your company