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Seapine Software QA Testing Solutions

Seapine Software has become a leading provider of software products that provide the tools, technologies and insight to deliver quality services on time and within budget. Seapine Software was established in 1995 and currently has over 100 employees who service more than 8,500 customers. The Seapine Software headquarters are located in Cincinnati, Ohio with offices in London, England; Melbourne, Australia; and Munich, Germany.

What Seapine Software Can Do

Seapine Software offers the QA Wizard Pro, an automated functional testing and load testing solution. QA Wizard Pro monitors critical activities in the development and deployment of other software applications. QA Wizard Pro delivers benefits such as the reduced training time, as well QA testing management.

Satisfied Customers

ASB Bank Ltd Banque, CompuCredit, Fiserv, Investment Management Services, LNR Capital, Marshall & Ilsley Bank, Metavante, Nationale du Candad, Prudential Mortgage Capital, TCF Financial Corporation

Seapine Software QA Testing Products

Seapine Software’s QA Wizard Pro is a scalable QA testing software, but the company also offers a related line of software products such as:

  • TestTrack RM
  • TestTrack Pro
  • TestTrack TCM
  • TestTrack Studio
  • Surround SCM
  • Seapine CM

Seapine Software QA Testing Key Features

  • Scripting language that is easy to use and understand
  • Record and playback engines are available
  • Ability to store application information
  • Validation checkpoints are available
  • Testing that is data driven
  • Web testing that is functional and easy to use
  • Batch modes that run groups of tests 24/7

Seapine Software Technology

Seapine Software delivers their QA testing solution as downloads with licenses. Computer system requirements include 1GHz CPU and 1GB RAM.

Bottom Line

Seapine Software delivers a robust QA Testing software solution, as well as a reliable line of other software products. Their feature-rich software create a great user experience that optimizes QA testing processes.