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SearchForce Search Marketing Solutions

SearchForce takes a smart approach to search marketing. The company’s algorithmic bidding engine combines the best of deterministic and probabilistic approaches.

These sophisticated tools enable advertisers to effectively manage large-scale, paid search marketing campaigns across multiple pay-per-click search engines. The on-demand solution enables advertisers to automate the process of bidding on the right keyword, on the right search engine, at the right time. The solution’s optimized bidding, analytics, reporting capabilities and internal control gives you more effective management over your paid search advertising campaigns, resulting in maximized click-through traffic and revenue.

Central to SearchForce’s platform is a sophisticated statistical modeling optimization engine that forecasts profitability scenarios and determines ideal bid prices for each keyword or keyword group and automatically bids on keywords. It then closely monitors click-through and conversion rates, adjusting results based on real-time findings.

Unlike simple rules-based bidding systems, SearchForce’s algorithmic-based bidding approach compares keywords individually or as a group with the specific goal of improving the performance of return-driven objectives. Other key features of SearchForce’s Search Marketing Management Platform include:

Goal-Driven Bidding Strategy: SearchForce’s on-demand solution starts with advertisers’ specific bidding strategy and objectives for a campaign. Whether your strategy is to maximize traffic, lower customer acquisition costs, maximize profitability or some other metric, you can evaluate overall effectiveness and refine your strategies throughout the campaign.

Automated Keyword Generation: SearchForce’s automated keyword generation provides a myriad of keyword alternatives that can be variations, permutations, substitutes and a range of other viable options, which will result in improved price performance metrics. SearchForce aggregates data available from Google, Overture and MSN to obtain real-time inventories for keywords relevant to your business.

Centralized Campaign Management: SearchForce enables advertisers to import separate existing campaign information from all three major search networks and then manage them using a single, web-based user interface. Your search marketing team then has a unified view of performance tracking, bidding and budget management and integrated reporting capabilities across all supported search engines.

Founded in 2004, SearchForce manages global campaigns that total over $35 million in paid search spending.