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SearchIgnite Search Marketing Solutions

SearchIgnite is a unit of Innovation Interactive, a leading, diversified online marketing company offering advertisers a full suite of performance-based marketing solutions. Clients include advertising agencies, online marketing firms and sophisticated marketers.

SearchIgnite’s search bid management and portfolio optimization technology uses complex algorithms to help marketers and advertising agencies achieve their ROI metrics across all the major engines.

The SearchIgnite dashboard gives you the flexibility to take control of your PPC campaigns, saving you both time and money.

SearchIgnite’s Portfolio Optimization Technology (SPOT) – maximize your business objectives across a portfolio of keywords. After a campaign is established in SearchIgnite, SPOT automatically adjusts and updates the campaign to achieve the desired business objectives.

Bid Rules and Day Parting – set bid rules and adjust bids based on key business metrics across multiple campaigns at the keyword group or individual keyword level.

Keyword Recommendation Tools – three keyword research tools help you build or enhance your keyword list, including creating geographical specific keyword phrases.

Tracking and Reporting – Improve campaign performance, increase targeted traffic and realize ROI goals.

International Features – SearchIgnite supports keywords and ad creative in all languages — including Asian double-byte characters.

Agency Features – manage multiple client campaigns within a single interface and login.

SearchIgnite is a trusted advisor to all the major engines, and sits on Google, Yahoo! and MSN’s prominent Technology Councils.