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Serena Software QA Testing Solutions

Serena Software is dedicated to helping organizations better manage application development, IT, and business processes. As the largest independent Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) vendor on the market, Serena Software serves over 3,000 active enterprise customers. Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Serena Software has customer in over 14 countries.

What Serena Software Can Do

Serena Software delivers ALM and Process Management solutions that automate important processes for greater speed, auditability, and efficiency. Serena Software products are configurable and adapt to fit unique business requirements.

Satisfied Customers

Air Force Research Laboratory, Lockheed Martin Corporation, Alcatel Lucent, America Online, Inc., Associated Press, Premera Blue Cross, Fruit of the Loom, Lexmark, Rand McNally Company, Ticketmaster

Serena Software QA Testing Product(s)

  • Serena Dimensions CM: a software change and configuration management solution that seamlessly manages application change and configuration
  • Serena ChangeMan ZMF: provides comprehensive release management capabilities

Serena Software QA Testing Key Features

  • Receive automated, bi-directional coordination between the ALM process and your test process
  • Decrease manual work, reduce risk of error, and provide development and testing teams with insight into key artifacts
  • Gain traceability from requirements to testing to production
  • Align test performance with business requirements by letting testing teams see requirements, associated code changes, and packages that include the changes
  • Mange test cases and scripts alongside requirements, change requests, code and other artifacts

Serena Software Technology

Serena Software delivers its solutions on a SaaS platform that coordinates and automates each step of the development process, across sites, platforms, teams, and methodologies.

Bottom Line

Serena Software enables businesses to easily integrate the test management process into the full lifecycle management process. With Serena solutions, businesses can incorporate their test management processes into other systems, reducing cost and manual work while improving traceability.