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Shopping Cart Elite Review

Founded by two successful entrepreneurs, Igor Soshkin and Nick Soshkin, Shopping Cart Elite was created to simply work, with no ‘ifs’, ‘ands’ or ‘buts’. Shopping Cart Elite stands out because every basic feature is developed meticulously to help your business automate everyday tasks. Shopping Cart Elite covers all of your online store bases so that your business can practically run on auto-pilot, which will provide you with more time for proactive work. Shopping Cart Elite builds intelligent modules for your eCommerce store which eliminate redundant tasks, create reliable work flows and save thousands of hours in payroll expenses.

What Shopping Cart Elite does

Shopping Cart Elite provides eCommerce businesses with the ability to streamline their online store-front and back office processes. Shopping Cart Elite software is a desktop application that conveniently integrates the administrative back office of your website with a polished online store-front. Shopping Cart Elite is a full business suite of software products tailored to companies of all sizes that range from start-up operations to large enterprises. The software is particularly targeted for retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers, of all types.

Satisfied Customers

JDM Exotics, CampioniSHOP, Auto Accessory Store, Secret Weapon Performance, Custom Maxima

Shopping Cart Product(s)

Shopping Cart Elite

Shopping Cart Software Key Features

  • eBay & Amazon Marketplace Ready – Shopping Cart Elite allows you to push your products in various marketplaces including eBay, Amazon, Craigslist and many others. It uses your existing product database and allows you to create templates that resemble your product page. It can also be programmed to list only those items you have in stock or that are competitive enough to sell. Using the marketplace tool can give you the ease you’re looking for to list and maintain products on various marketplaces without spending more than a few minutes in listing the actual items.
  • Competition Spy – You say you’re not sure what price your products should be selling for? The Competition Spy solves this problem by researching every part number against your competition and suggests a sale price for each part number. You can also set exceptions to make sure the sale price doesn’t fall below your cost price. Finally, it will give a full report to show you how competitive you are in the marketplace and if you need to negotiate better discounts with your suppliers.
  • Data Mapper – Besides the usual bulk-upload from Excel into your website, Shopping Cart Elite has innovated something that has never been done or seen before by any other shopping cart. An intelligent data mapper, part of the Product Setup module, can take your unorganized data from a spreadsheet file and instantly parse it out into the appropriate product fields in Shopping Cart Elite.
  • Google Shopping / Bing Shopping / TheFind Submission – Make your products appear in a Google Product Search by bulk uploading items to Google Base for free. Our Google Base integration will maintain and update your data feed for you automatically through Google API. Shopping Cart Elite has integrated the Google Data API, which allows direct communication between Google Base and your website. The only thing you will have to do in order to submit the feed to Google Base is enter your Google email and password, and your complete online store will be loaded into Google Base automatically. Shopping Cart Elite even uploads any adjustments you make such as prices, new products, etc.
  • Inventory Management – Our very sophisticated, but easy-to-use system has bar code integration to allow bar coding and scanning of all your existing inventory, as well as processing arriving inventory. The most impressive feature is our alert system. Not only can you customize at what point you want to be alerted to low inventory, but our state-of-the-art algorithm can actually predict your future sales based on past sales trends. This allows you to make an extremely educated guess on what inventory you’ll actually need to have on hand for x amount of weeks.
  • Employee Management – You can control which parts of the system an employee can have access to. You can also assign them specific suppliers. Another feature allows you to organize your employees’ tasks, so each employee will know their responsibilities. If you happen to lose an employee, you’ll be able to let your new hire know exactly what their duties are based on the previous employee’s tasks.
  • Shipping Management – You may not offer drop shipping or if you do you might be tacking on an extra fee for the service as it may not be very cost-efficient for you to ship one item at a time. Shopping Cart Elite makes this process completely automated. Shopping Cart Elite will allow the retailer to enter the orders automatically through SCE integration or from the manufacturer’s website, then the supplier can ship via UPS, FedEx or USPS using automatic label printing and provide the tracking information instantly.
  • Accounting – Shopping Cart Elite handles Payroll, Expenses, Assets, etc. This module will completely automate your whole accounting department leaving no mistakes behind.

Shopping Cart Software Highlight

One exceptional highlight of Shopping Cart Elite software is the large number of intelligent software modules that are provided. For example, an intelligent data mapper exponentially simplifies the process of data entry. With smart features like data mapper, you can save time imputing tedious information, and spend more time on business decisions of more significance.

Online Shop Technology

  • Monthly Software and Features Upgrade
  • Completely Functional website
  • Backoffice to Support your Website, Customers and Financials
  • Hosting and Hardware
  • SSL Certificate
  • Unlimited Emails

Bottom Line

They are one of the most active Shopping Cart Platform you will find in the world. In 2010 they released 1,500 new enhancements, improved software stability and most importantly created features that other Shopping Carts can only drool about. Note that 85% of the features the company released were specifically created to make your business more money.