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Sirius-SQA QA Testing Solutions

Sirius Software Quality Associates focuses on the software industry, with a particular focus on Exploratory Testing. Headquartered in Seminole, Florida, Sirius-SQA primarily serves organizations in the continental 48 states. Sirius-SQA is dedicated to providing their clients with new and innovative tools that help them reach their testing goals.

What Sirius-SQA Can Do

Sirius-SQA delivers solutions that help their customers better manage their manual software testing process. Sirius-SQA also provides consulting services for manual and automated software testing, with an expertise in Mercury Interactive testing tools.

Satisfied Customers

Milliman, West Corporation, Nielsen, USDA, RLI, Rockwell Automation, Bruhn Newtech, iDatix, Global Payments

Sirius-SQA Testing Product(s)

  • TestExplorer: a suite of software testing tools that streamlines the manual testing process

Sirius-SQA TestExplorer Key Features

  • Automated Keylogging that provides a detailed history of each test
  • Screen Shots that display a clear visual history of test session steps
  • Visual Test Playback capabilities for demonstrating problem areas or performing root cause analysis
  • File Monitoring to track individual files and complete directories
  • Registry Differencing that captures the state of your registry before and after each test session
  • Test Cases are automatically assembled from keylogs and screenshots
  • Defect Reports provide all details, from a simple summary to a complete audit trail

Sirius-SQA Technology

TestExplorer runs in Windows NT/XP/2000 and Vista. TestExplorer provides tools for testing Windows applications, but the solution can also be used in many remoting applications and emulators to test non-Windows software, embedded systems, and external devices.

Bottom Line

TestExplorer brings the power of automation to manual software testing. TestExplorer offers all the testing features businesses need to better test their software, communicate test results, and inform management of testing progress.