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SiteCore Web Content Management Solutions

Sitecore is quickly emerging as a leader in scalable, flexible, and cost effective .NET based WCM and authoring solutions. The company is rapidly growing technologies that help organizations achieve their business goals such as Web Strategy, increased sales and search engine visibility. These solutions are driven by strong development architecture and rich feature sets, while being straightforward to integrate.

Sitecore’s CMS makes it effortless to create content and experience-rich websites. In June 2008, Sitecore released its highly anticipated CMS 6, which has been praised as “by far the most advanced CMS on the market now,” and “a CMS solution that is redefining web content management usability and control.” Whether companies are focused on marketing, development and design, or providing site content, Sitecore CMS delivers a solution for them.

Looking ahead, Sitecore remains unabashedly Microsoft .NET committed, and leverages design and functionality concepts from the Microsoft Office 2007 user interface, which gives its clients a product easier to build, integrate and use. Sitecore’s client’s solutions can include Web 2.0 functionality such as content tagging, advanced multimedia delivery and integrated social networking features, which makes their website so powerful yet easy to manage that they can concentrate on what’s important- connecting with and serving their customers.

SiteCore Key Strengths

  • Sitecore provides web content management (CMS) and portal software for organizations to create compelling website experiences. Sitecore’s broad range of features, combined with a strong development architecture, enables Marketing people, Content Editors, other Key Stakeholders and IT to rapidly implement a successful online business strategy, and measure and manage that ongoing website success.
  • Sitecore has a global community of IT professionals. Developers, website designers, graphics specialists, architects, database pros and more contribute to the company’s lively online forums and share and borrow code snippets, shared source Sitecore solutions and best practices.
  • Sitecore was founded in 2001 by five technical colleagues and has grown organically ever since, although at a very rapid pace. The company is self funded, profitable, and plows most of its earnings right back into better product development and service.
  • Sitecore was awarded the 2008 Gartner Cool Vendor Award for Content Management, showcasing its Website Content and Intranet Portal Management Software at the summit Solution Showcase pavilion.
  • Leading organizations trust Sitecore. The company provides web content management and portal software to organizations who want enterprise-class functionality, integration and scalability when managing their websites and intranets. Companies all over the world in every vertical sector are using Sitecore CMS to create business advantage and online success. With the help of its vibrant partner network, Sitecore can make this a nearly effortless experience.