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SiteSpect Landing Page Optimization Review

SiteSpect enables web marketers to optimize website and mobile web effectiveness through multivariate testing and behavioral targeting. By testing variations of landing pages, product descriptions, search results, and buy-flows, SiteSpect allows marketers to fine-tune every aspect of their website on a segment-by-segment basis.

SiteSpect’s multivariate testing and targeting essentially empowers its customers to vote with their clicks, so that SiteSpect’s clients can quickly focus in on the winning design, user interface, and text combinations that were empirically proven to make it easier, faster, and simpler for site visitors and customers to find the information and deals they need–when they need them. It’s that simple.

SiteSpect Key Strengths

  • SiteSpect’s powerful multivariate testing capabilities enable you to optimize landing page effectiveness, helping you turn search marketing dollars into measurable bottom-line results. You can easily test offers and other factors that can help you convert more of your visitors into loyal customers.
  • For agencies that also conduct web analytics implementations for their clients, SiteSpect’s web analytics integration capability enables instant tagging of any third-party system, all in a non-intrusive way.
  • “With SiteSpect, we’re seeing meaningful results in multivariate tests involving four or more different test factors, very quickly. This translates into a substantial boost in productivity for us and allows iProspect to deliver faster results to our customers.” –Charles Haggerty, Director of Technology, iProspect
  • You need to give your customers a compelling reason to stay on your site or take action. To reach your marketing goals, SiteSpect allows you to rapidly test the impact of an unlimited number of content variations both individually and in combination with each other. So you can see how variations of one factor perform when shown along with variations of other factors you want to test. It’s the essence of multivariate testing, and it’s a faster and more accurate way to get statistically significant test results.
  • Because SiteSpect enables you to test any type of content, including dynamically generated pages that are unique to each user and visit, you can now optimize landing pages tailored for PPC campaigns and search terms, internal site search results, shopping cart and checkout, multi-step registration processes, and personalized content and offers.