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SmartBear Software QA Testing Solutions

SmartBear Software offers software developers, quality assurance engineers, and IT professionals code review, automated testing, performance profiling, and development management tools that drive best practices in software and application development. The company was born out of the collective efforts of developers seeking to build better and less expensive tools.

More than 100,000 professionals throughout the global marketplace rely on SmartBear Software to build robust software applications and websites. The company is focused on delivering tools that are easy-to-use and that solve immediate individual and team needs, while also scaling according to the overall demands of the company.

What SmartBear Software Can Do

SmartBear Software offers the Automated QATestComplete test automation tool. The company positions this product as providing developers with the ability to increase accuracy, efficiency, and coverage of all software testing. This process is automated to ensure common manual errors are avoided and only quality solutions are brought to market.

The company’s Test Management tool is the QAComplete to deliver strategic quality planning, collaboration and scheduling across the board. A powerful tool, QAComplete delivers test case management, requirements management, defect tracking and more to ensure developers and engineers have access to the testing functionality necessary to cover the broad range of any sized team.

Satisfied Customers

Alcatel, Sony, DHL, eBay, GE, HP, H&R Block, Intel, McDonald’s Australia, Motorola

SmartBear Software QA Testing Products

SmartBear provides feature-rich, yet simple to use QA testing tools with its AutomatedQA TestComplete and QAComplete solutions. SmartBear Software also delivers innovative development tools:

  • Code Collaborator
  • ALM Complete
  • DevComplete
  • AQtime
  • Automated BuildStudio

SmartBear Software QA Testing Key Features

  • Automated platform
  • Simulates thousands of virtual users interacting with different platforms for testing
  • GUI testing
  • Functional testing and Regression testing
  • Web testing and Distributed testing
  • Data-Driven testing
  • Allows both scripted testing for flexibility and script-free keyword testing for easy use
  • Full traceability from requirements to test
  • Comprehensive QA analytics with dashboards and reports

SmartBear Software Technology

SmartBear Software is designed run on the Microsoft platform, supporting such operating systems as Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2008 R2, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP 32-bit and 64-bit editions, Windows Embedded Standard 7 and Windows Embedded Standard 2009.

Bottom Line

SmartBear Software is a powerful choice for those operating in a Windows-based environment. The company offers a full line of testing, and its automated approach streamlines efforts, eliminating wasted time and common errors that can occur in manual testing processes. In addition, it offers a testing management tool to streamline focused efforts so development teams can devote more of their energy on development.