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SmarteSoft QA Testing Solutions

SmarteSoft was founded in 1999 with headquarters in Austin, Texas. With design, research, support and development teams around the world, SmarteSoft is a leading provider of software quality solutions. SmarteSoft focuses on exceeding the expectations of their clients with innovative software and excellent customer support. SmarteSoft offers feature-rich software, superior customer support, and innovative products that make them a stand-out in the industry.

What SmarteSoft Can Do

The QA Testing software provided by SmarteSoft is built to handle functional testing and planning testing. These options make the software flexible enough for any company to use. Tests can run unattended around the clock for easier use and more flexibility.

Satisfied Customers

PacSun, United States Strategic Command, ClearWire, Frost, Spectra Energy, American Airlines, CSC, Emerson, DirecTV, Dresser Wayne

SmarteSoft QA Testing Software Products

SmarteSoft delivers an integrated suite of test management, functional test automation, and performance test tools. These products include:

  • SmarteQM
  • SmarteScript
  • SmarteX
  • SmarteTime
  • SmarteStudio
  • SmarteLoad

SmarteSoft QA Testing Key Features

  • Easier to use than most QA Testing software
  • Ability to learn entire software package in days, not weeks or months
  • Verify all testing performances with just a few simple clicks
  • Expanded test coverage allows users to do tests five times faster than most software
  • Coordinate development, quality assurance, and business analysis teams
  • Easy to maintain and no scripting skills are necessary to run the solution

SmarteSoft Technology

SmarteSoft’s suite of  QA testing software is offered as downloadable packages to any computer with an Internet connection. Almost all of their different software packages come with a free 30 day trial period that can be utilized before making any purchases.

Bottom Line

SmarteSoft offers quality QA testing software as well as other software programs that help companies run better and more efficiently. Smartesoft solutions help businesses to decrease costs while improving critical processes. Their feature-rich software makes handling business functions a breeze. No matter what type of industry, SmarteSoft delivers solutions to fit the needs of every business.