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Soffront Marketing Automation

Acquire, retain and grow profitable stakeholder relationships with Soffront Marketing. Plan, execute and monitor multi-channel campaigns spanning Direct Mail, the Web, Email and Telemarketing. With Soffront Marketing, you make the most of your critical business information, generated across various touch points. It is a part of an integrated CRM solution that includes Soffront Sales, Soffront Customer Support, Soffront Employee Support and Soffront Customer Portal.

Soffront Marketing provides a closed loop solution for campaign planning, execution and results measurement. Plan multi-channel campaigns with a configurable workflow for design, approval and rollout. Collaborate with multiple departments and create a cross functional action plan. Automatically capture and transfer the leads from web based campaigns. The prospects who register to download a whitepaper or attend an event are part of the integrated CRM database. Assign the leads from various campaigns (Web or Email or Tele-marketing) automatically. Measure the results of the campaign in real-time to get a handle on campaign ROI. Monitor the results continuously and improve marketing ROI.

  • Zero foot-print web client
  • Unified view of customer across all touch points
  • Multi-channel campaign management
  • Campaign planning with configurable workflow and collaboration
  • Plan activities and tasks
  • Calendar view of multiple activities
  • Leverage cross-sell an up-sell opportunities
  • Plan activities and tasks
  • Calendar view of multiple activities
  • Manage campaign collateral centrally
  • Segmentation and targeting to optimize marketing strategy
  • Manage opt-in / opt-out preferences
  • Leverage cross sell and up sell opportunities
  • Capture and assign leads automatically
  • Track and Measure ROI from campaigns
  • Event Triggered Actions (with the optional Soffront Business Rules)
  • Advanced Outlook integration
  • Multi-level group security and SSL support
  • Built to adapt – configure and customize to match the way you work
  • Up and running in days
  • Part of an integrated CRM solution