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Solarsoft ERP Solutions

Solarsoft has over 25 years of experience supplying enterprise resource planning software for manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers. Over 2,000 customers in North America, Europe and Asia rely on Solarsoft to support their daily operations. Solarsoft ERP software helps drive performance in sales, finance, purchasing & inventory control, warehouse management, e-commerce, EDI, supply chain logistics and manufacturing & resource planning.

Solarsoft iVP Key Features


Multi-currency, multi-company, multi-period ledgers allow you to manage your business wherever it is. Release accounting linked to production reporting will take care of financials, production and inventory in fast moving supply chains. iVP will add value across all operations from quotations and configuration through to dispatch and delivery. Supports EDI transaction sets for thousands of companies, including all major automotive OEM’s, major retail chains, distributors, and manufacturers. Solarsoft iVP provides a complete solution to meet the strict demands placed on our customers to meet supply chain requirements. EDI/Order Releasing, Shipping Management and Vendor Releasing are all components handled in Solarsoft iVP Release Accounting module.

  • Trading partners Master File
  • Vendor Releasing
  • Material Releasing / Shipping Schedules
  • Advanced Shipping Notices (ASN)
  • Inline Vehicle Sequencing (ILVS)
  • Material Releasing / Shipping Schedules

Sales Orders

Rich order entry screens with catalogue images and data sheets and available-to-promise data for each line item help your sales team become expert advisers. Multiple sales order processing options with support for complex product configuration, pricing and deliver schedules. Rapid access to historic orders accelerates entry for repeat business while a product configurator allows make-to-order quotations to be prepared accurately and easily.

Online account service using the Web Sales Option rounds out the full-service using the Web Sales Option rounds out the full-service offering for your customers.

  • Flexible product configuration for custom builds and quotations
  • Multiple price books with flexible discounts and breaks
  • Forward stock allocation, delivery and drop shipment


Multi-facility inventory management with inter-location movements and inventory availability. Goods on consignment. Multi-bin and multi-attribute directed put away and pick. Lot and serial number traceability with warranty tracking. ASN and shipping interfaces.


Multi-plant operations. Full production resource scheduling with MRP. JIT & Kanban. Built-in shop floor data collection and barcode reader/printer support. The graphical production planning workbench gives production managers a clear and accurate view of current and planned utilization across plants and cost centers:

  • Multiple capacity plans with drill down to individual machines and operators
  • Multiple methods of manufacture and flexible BOM and Process Configurations
  • Touch screen shop floor data collection for accurate, real-time production reporting
  • Integrated barcode labeling and support for warehouse automation using wireless readers
  • Manufacturing modes include: Mixed Mode, Process, Discrete, Distribution, Repetitive, Make to Order & Make to Stock, Repetitive, Light Assembly, Shop Floor, Services (non MFG)