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Steps to Creating an Effective Online Business Presentation

Online business presentation software gives users the potential to deliver a highly effective meeting, class, or sales pitch. But the best online presentations require more than business presentation software tools; they require preparation and follow-up as well.


Regardless of whether your online presentation is live or recorded, it requires advance preparation. This means understanding your target audience and their needs. Clearly define your goal. Defining your audience will also help guide you in creating the presentation.

Preparation starts with gathering together everything you will need for the presentation, including business presentation software, slides or other visual aids, and a detailed script. Knowing what you will say ahead of time is especially important in an online presentation. Hesitation, fumbling for notes, and repetition make for a poor session when presenting it in person; it can be disastrous in an online presentation.

Also, make sure you understand how to operate the technology ahead of time, so that there is no delay during the live session as you try to get your slides to show up. Take time to do a complete run-through before the session. This gives you an opportunity to practice your verbal presentation, as well as practice using any technology that may come into play.

Selecting Appropriate Technology

Using the right business presentation software technology for your particular presentation is vital to success. For some online presentations, basic web conferencing from a third party service will be adequate. Most of these services, as well as on-premises web conferencing software systems, include basic features like integration with business presentation software such as Powerpoint, a shared whiteboard, and a recording facility.
Depending on the bandwidth demands of your presentation, you might also need to upgrade your connection. Presentations that are graphically rich and incorporate audio and video are bandwidth-intensive, and if you have a slow connection, the delivery may be spotty if you have anything less than a fractional T1 line.

Engage Your Audience

Web 2.0 technology allows you to create a highly interactive online presentation. One-way dialogs and talking-head lectures are less effective; bringing your audience into the discussion with business presentation software that includes phone bridge technology, shared whiteboards, and instant polls will help keep their interest.

Make use of business presentation software features, such as audience participation functions. Most systems will include polling that allows you to ask your audience a question and then share the results in real time. Business presentation software will also include basic traffic control features, which allow a participant to click an icon to ask a question or join the discussion.

Follow Up

The presentation doesn’t stop when you log off. Keep your audience’s interest after it’s over by following up the next day with an email which summarizes the main points of the presentation and contact information. Make sure to archive the actual presentation and make it available for users to access later.