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TechExcel QA Testing Solutions

TechExcel software bridges the gaps between product development and service/support. Their solutions provide a collaborative environment so that all departments can work together to achieve the goals they have set. TechExcel offers a broad range of software applications that TechExcel offers to address diverse QA testing needs.

What TechExcel Can Do

TechExcel solutions help companies to manage their QA testing procedures so that there are no forgotten or missed steps. The quality of QA testing results depends on the quality of the software; as such, TechExcel strives to offer a robust product with all the capabilities that users need.

Satisfied Customers

Jenny Craig, Activision, CryptoLogic, Data Flow Systems, Vista, CA, Fujitsu, Humax, Recruitsoft Quebec, XACCT Technologies, TriTech Software

TechExcel QA Testing Products

DevTest is TechExcel’s premier QA test management solution. TechExcel also offers a wide variety of other related software products such as:

  • DevSuite
  • DevTrack
  • DevSpec
  • DevPlan
  • Agile Studio
  • DevTest Studio

TechExcel DevTest Key Features

  • Control of product quality and real time reporting
  • Reduction of product data entry
  • Unlimited accountability for all testing phases
  • Ability to schedule testing cycles
  • Central hub for all test results
  • Execution of test assignments
  • Ability to track all testing results with ease

TechExcel Technology

All of the software offered by TechExcel is offered as downloads so that the user will have the flexibility to install the software as they need it. TechExcel also provides training courses for any of their different software packages so that users can learn how to use the new system.

Bottom Line

TechExcel is committed to providing feature-rich QA testing software. TechExcel QA testing solutions are built to be easy-to-use and comprehensive to ensure that each step in the QA testing process is effectively carried out.