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Telerik QA Testing Solutions

Telerik provides tools for agile project management, collaboration, development, and testing to companies of all sizes. Over 100,000 customers worldwide rely on Telerik to provide the tools they need to create richer and more stable software. Telerik is dedicated to making software development easier and more enjoyable for their clients.

What Telerik Can Do

Telerik serves a diverse set of customers, ranging from Fortune 500 companies to educational, governmental, and non-profit institutions. Telerik is a leader in product innovation and is known for the quality of their solutions and the depth of their customer service. Telerik delivers test software that is built to be easy, agile, and integrated with your team’s workflow.

Satisfied Customers

NASA, Kodak, Boeing, Vodafone, Reuters, Microsoft, Mercedes-Benz, Bosch, Continental Airlines, Nokia

Telerik QA Testing Product(s)

  • WebUI Test Studio QA Edition: the premier automated testing tool for Silverlight, ASP.NET AJAX and MVC applications

Telerik QA Testing Key Features

  • Is built with a revolutionary user interface that requires no lines of script
  • Generates even complex automated tests with smart navigation and point-and-click capabilities
  • Provides a unique visual storyboard that shows you the visual flow of how your test has progressed
  • Is built with a common platform that allows QAs/Testers to collaborate with developers
  • Records your test just once and plays it on multiple browsers without re-recording
  • Supports Microsoft technologies, complex AJAX scenarios, MVC, client-side functionality, JavaScript calls, data-driven testing, and more
  • Is priced for small companies, making it accessible to a wide variety of organizations, while also having the robust power suitable for big enterprises

WebUI Test Studio QA Edition Modules

  • Automated Test Types
  • Test Creation
  • Test Scheduling
  • Test Management
  • Test Maintenance
  • Test Results Analysis
  • QA/Developer Collaboration

Telerik Technology

Telerik delivers a complete, end-to-end web testing solution. Telerik builds their automated testing tools from the ground up to support all the latest web platforms released by Microsoft. Telerik testing solutions also support AJAX, Silverlight testing, MVC automation, and data-driven testing.

Bottom Line

Telerik provides testing tools that make the testing process easier and more responsive to organizational needs. With innovative technology and a next-generation interface, Telerik makes automated testing simpler than ever with solutions that cover the full testing lifecycle. By levering Telerik testing solutions, companies can enjoy the benefits of automated testing, higher productivity, and improved ROI that manual testing cannot match.