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ThoughtWorks Studios QA Testing Solutions

ThoughtWorks Studios is a leading provider of Agile software solutions. Over 400 organizations worldwide use ThoughtWorks Studios products to optimize their business responsiveness. ThoughtWorks Studios clients range from Fortune 500 companies to mid-size organizations.

What ThoughtWorks Studios Can Do

ThoughtWorks Studios delivers solutions that enable companies to sustain quality throughout the development and delivery lifecycle. ThoughtWorks Studios’ Agile testing solutions iteratively test newly developed software until quality is achieved from the customer’s perspective. With ThoughtWorks Studios, businesses can accommodate change easily to consistently deliver quality software products.

Satisfied Customers

Barclays, Honeywell, Rackspace, Zynga, BBC, Scholastic, Westfield, Apollo Group, Inc., Rosetta Stone, The University of Sydney

ThoughtWorks Studios QA Testing Product(s)

  • Twist-Agile Testing: an Agile testing platform based on Agile practices of cohesive collaboration between all the team members in the testing process

ThoughtWorks Studios QA Testing Key Features

  • Collaboratively create robust, optimally automated test suites that align with your business priorities
  • Adapt test suites to changing requirements, saving time and money
  • Support structured exploratory testing
  • Built with industry-standard languages to eliminate the need to learn proprietary scripting languages
  • Model your business domain rules and test scenarios with real-life data
  • Simplify automation with advanced IDE support
  • Execute hybrid tests—part automated, part manual test scenarios

ThoughtWorks Studios Technology

ThoughtWorks Studios has built its Twist testing product with over 16 years of proven testing experience and innovation. Twist is a flexible, driver-agnostic solution that centralizes the entire testing process. Twist also allows businesses to create and execute tests on multiple browsers and operating systems (Windows, Mac, and Linux).

Bottom Line

ThoughtWorks Studios provides testing solutions that enable companies to easily test rapid business changes that the application will undergo. Twist enables businesses to maximize test automation and build robust test suites, all from one testing platform that brings together everyone involved in the testing lifecycle.