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TOMOS QA Testing Solutions

TOMOS is the leading provider of light-weight, SaaS Application Lifecycle Management solutions. TOMOS was born out of the need for a low-cost, web-based ALM solution that would fit the needs of customers, but without complicated processes that would slow down implementation. With TOMOS, companies can create and manage every aspect of the software development process in a single system.

What TOMOS Can Do

TOMOS is dedicated to helping small and midsized organizations solve the unique challenges they face when developing their software. TOMOS is an integrated solution that was built and tested using a modified Agile methodology and open-source tools. It has the functionality to manage requirements, test cases, and defects all within one data store.

Satisfied Customers

House Party Inc., Wyoming Office of State Lands & Investments (OSLI)

TOMOS QA Testing Products

  • TOMOS: a complete solution that simplifies the ALM process with integrated modules that provides full traceability and facilitates communication and collaboration between different departments

TOMOS QA Testing Key Features

  • Use role-based functionality and workflow-driven email notifications to keep team members informed throughout the testing process
  • Create Master/Linked test step relationships from individual test steps or entire test cases
  • Make test case authoring easy and quick with a system that has Excel-like format and tabbing functionality
  • Allow Testers to associate defects to test cases and individual test steps so developers can reproduce the same bugs found and easily solve them
  • Display real-time results in the form of graphs and key metrics for data such as the latest test results for a build, frequently executed test cases, and the pass/fail rate
  • Provide a complete test history, track executed tests and testing progress, and color code testing status for easy viewing
  • Trace a defect to a specific requirement or test case with 360˚ Traceability, eliminating the guesswork and surprises in defect management
  • Provide live dashboards updates for each module and use customizable dashboards and reports

TOMOS Modules

  • Collaboration
  • Requirements
  • Test Authoring
  • Test Execution
  • Defects
  • Dashboards & Reporting

TOMOS Technology

TOMOS utilizes LAMP architecture (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PhP) and includes the latest innovations of Web 2.0 technology. TOMOS is delivered in the Cloud, as a SaaS solution. TOMOS’ SaaS model means that the solution’s features can be accessed with just a browser, from anywhere at any time. Because the solution operates on the Cloud, there is no hardware, installation, or support costs, and upgrades are made continuously.

Bottom Line

TOMOS is a complete solution that improves the communication and collaboration between business analysts, developers, testers, and managers to streamline and optimize the software development and testing process. The solution is delivered on a user-friendly, intuitive user interface and comes fully loaded to cover everything businesses need to manage the quality of the application lifecycle.