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Top 5 CRM Products

There are many robust CRM products available on the market and with a proper needs assessment and environmental analysis complete, you will be armed with the information you need to select the right CRM products for your company. While you will be on your own to complete these initial key steps, you can find information on the top 5 CRM products built on open source platforms right here.


This CRM solution is targeted mainly toward systems integrators and is designed to enable companies to easily add custom features. If you want to implement a fresh solution that you can plug-and-play right out of the box, this solution may not be the best option. However, if you’re looking for a solution that you can easily customize, then SplendidCRM provides a great platform.


One of the largest open source CRM solutions on the market, SugarCRM is one of the few CRM products that has rapidly skyrocketed to market dominance. The company only launched in early 2000, yet has already reached a few million downloads. The user base of 10,000+ companies demonstrates its growth in the market, and, whether you need a plug-and-play solution or customizable features, SugarCRM can fulfill your demands.


One of the oldest CRM companies, CentricCRM – which is now Concursive – has been around the block enough times to know what features work in CRM products and what is merely there for fluff. This solution is a great option when you need robust and highly customizable features. Concursive is mainly targeted to small companies, yet with a new round of funding from Intel and increased functionality, Fortune 100 companies are a new target.


Enterprise CRM products are hard to come by in this market, yet Hipergate is close. This solution offers functional modules such as projects, contact management, collaboration software, accounting and billing, data warehousing, support tracking and more. If your business is small and your needs basic, Hipergate may offer more punch than you need. On the other hand, if you are on a path for growth and need CRM products that will span the enterprise, this may be the right fit.


If you are looking for enterprise CRM products that are designed for specific industry needs, Compiere makes for a nice fit. Open source modules such as marketing, human resources, sales, inventory and others with robust features enable you to take your CRM approach across the entire organization. Drilling down to individual departments is more challenging however, and if this is a priority, look for CRM products that focus more on the individual department.

While this is certainly not a conclusive list, it does offer a great start for selecting CRM products to fit your environment. Be sure to complete those first steps to determine your needs and what will work in your environment before making your selection. Even if you only use this list as a benchmark for what you should demand, you’ll be on your way to a successful CRM products implementation.