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Traq Software QA Testing Solutions

Traq Software provides one of the leading software test case management tools available today. Founded in 2002 in the United Kingdom, Traq Software offers comprehensive software testing solutions and services to their clients.

What Traq Software Can Do

Traq Software’s leading test management solution, QaTraq Professional, provides the foundation test teams need to create test scripts, test cases, and test results. QaTraq Professional is a single functional software test management system that delivers control over the entire testing process.

Satisfied Customers

Appear Networks, Spirit Airlines Inc., Siemens, Bosch, The SAVO Group, Clear Pace, Baxter Planning Systems, Panasonic, Arbor Networks, Aircell LLC

Traq Software QA Testing Product(s)

  • QaTraq Professional: a single testing tool that facilitates a structured approach to test management

Traq Software QA Testing Key Features

  • Link all your test artifacts to one central location for a consistent and accurate view of your software testing progress
  • Improve coordination between testers, team leaders, and managers
  • Create and execute reports instantly based on test cases
  • Integrate test automation
  • Connect defect and requirements management
  • Implement dashboards and define key metrics to gain more control over test data

Traq Software Technology

QaTraq Professional is offered as a license on a concurrent user basis. Additional licenses can be added at any time to accommodate changing business needs. QaTraq Professional is compatible with Linux/Unix and Windows.

Bottom Line

QaTraq Professional was designed by testers for testers, providing powerful test management applications that are also cost effective and easy to use. With QaTraq Professional, businesses can gain greater visibility and control over the testing process, ensuring the delivery of high quality software.