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TrendMicro Email Security

Trend Micro is a world leader in network antivirus and Internet content security software and services. Since its inception in 1988, the company has been on the leading edge of secure content and threat management, developing and delivering a range of flexible and customizable Internet security solutions to address the ever-changing threats on the Web.

With headquarters in Tokyo and operations in more than 30 countries, Trend Micro’s award-winning solutions and proven applications are sold through corporate and value-added resellers and service providers worldwide. The company is a top-tier provider of desktop and network antivirus, anti-spam, and anti-spyware software, along with Internet security software, used to protect file and e-mail servers, Internet gateways, and PCs.

Trend Micro provides outsourced managed security services, primarily to Internet service providers and telecommunications firms. The company sells its software through systems integrators, resellers, and manufacturers, and its customers come from a variety of fields, including financial services, telecommunications, manufacturing, and consumer goods.

Trend Micro’s proven integrated email security strategy leverages the most effective types of protection at the most effective points in the network. Through the use of streamlined threat management technology and end-user email content monitoring and filtering, Trend Micro helps organizations deploy the right mix of products and technologies to effectively and efficiently migrate the business risks arising from messaging-related threats. Trend Micro’s key security strengths include:

  • Comprehensive and scalable threat detection and management software solutions cover the full lifecycle business needs of small to mid-sized companies, and large corporate enterprises.
  • Through its TrendLabs service framework, the company’s global network of threat research and product service and support centers, Trend Micro offers continuous round-the-clock coverage to customers around the world.
  • By delivering deep integration with the network infrastructure and new technologies, including next-generation IP filtering, network content inspection, and network access control, Trend Micro’s full spectrum of products secure both the network infrastructure and individual computers.
  • With more than 800 engineers, researchers, and support personnel in 15 dedicated service centers around the globe, Trend Micro offers the capability to monitor potential security threats and mount rapid responses to major security incidents and urgent support requests.
  • Trend Micro’s InterScan Messaging Hosted Security package guards against malware and targeted spyware attacks sent by email, while providing anti-spam and anti-phishing protection. Their comprehensive, hosted service offers added security and bandwidth by keeping threats completely off the network.
  • Trend Micro’s layered enterprise messaging security can be purchased as a standard service, which includes filtering inbound traffic for email threats with simplified management; pre-set protection defaults, choice of spam action, and updates and tuning by Trend Micro.

Additional threat management features can be purchased that includes filtering inbound and outbound email traffic and offers further granularity in user access and control.