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Tumbleweed Email Security

Founded in 1993, Tumbleweed Communications Corporation is trusted by nearly 2,700 enterprise and government customers worldwide for secure Internet communication solutions. Tumbleweed’s essential mission and focus is to provide security solutions for email protection, file transfers, and identity validation that allow organizations to safely conduct business over the Internet.

The company provides these security solutions in three comprehensive product suites: MailGate, SecureTransport and Valicert Validation Authority. MailGate, the company’s flagship email security product, provides protection against spam, viruses and attacks, and enables policy-based message filtering, encryption and routing.

Tumbleweed’s email and internet communications security solutions are used by a wide and growing array of corporate enterprises in the financial services, Government, healthcare, retail, and insurance sectors. The company’s key strengths include:

  • The Tumbleweed Email Security family of products is optimized for network defense, email encryption, content filtering, and data integrity.
  • Using MailGate technology, Tumbleweed customers prevent spam and viruses, block network-level denial-of-service and directory harvest attacks, dynamically encrypt and securely route messages, and achieve regulatory and corporate policy compliance.
  • By filtering inbound email messaging at the Internet gateway with an integrated set of defenses, MailGate’s mature, proven framework delivers the most effective method to make your email stream secure and reliable, while minimizing administration costs.
  • Tumbleweed’s Internet security products are widely recognized as among the most comprehensive solutions on the market; they’re acclaimed by customers for their easy installation and management, and flexible deployment options.
  • In response to the growing denial of service attacks on the Web, Tumbleweed’s email authentication and digital signature methodology ensures that email senders and domains can’t be spoofed.

Tumbleweed Communications prides itself in helping to provide its customers with “a sense of security in a rough-and-tumble age.” The company’s on-premise software lets businesses filter, monitor, and archive e-mail and messages sent and received by employees, partners, distributors, and suppliers. As an effective front line against cyber threats of all types, the company’s email protection products help safeguard corporate networks from spam and viruses and include functions for protecting and archiving documents sent over public networks.

As part of its end-to-end network communications protection platform, Tumbleweed also offers applications for encrypting e-mail and instant messages. The company has also used acquisitions to expand its product offerings, including applications for authentication and file transfer management.