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Understanding Sales Tracker Software

The best sales tracker software has many components, and to understand it, you need to know what these components are. Lead tracking, account information, contact roles, opportunity management, marketing follow-up, and closing management are all features of a good sales tracker software program.

Sales Tracker Software Helps Manage Your Leads

Leads can come from many different sources; your website, your sales staff, and customer referrals are just a few sources. It can be difficult for one person to merge all this information. However, sales tracker software can easily handle this task for you. As long as your staff correctly enters the inputs, all this lead information will be stored in one place and accessible to anyone within your company who may need it.

Account information and contact roles go hand-in-hand in keeping your people informed on who the decision makers are for each sales opportunity. Though Outlook and other similar programs handle this type of functionality, they are not integrated with the entire sales tracking process. This is a key benefit to adding sales tracker software to your company’s software program as it consolidates everything into one place.

Opportunity management is another important component. This feature takes your leads and contacts and integrates them with details about the sales opportunity itself. You and your sales staff can have updates and alerts sent automatically, ensuring that deadlines are never missed. Sales tracker software also offers other benefits. Marketing follow-up helps with opportunities that have gone cold. Routine contact keeps potential customers informed of changes and can sometimes be the key to closing a sale thought to be lost. No salesperson has the time to follow up on every cold opportunity, but the software does.

Finally, the closing management feature in sales tracker software helps your team finish the sales process. Similar to the opportunity management feature, reminders can be set up so you do not miss deadlines and lose a potential customer to another company. Once the close is done, that information can be used to help secure the next sale. Again, all this data and functionality is stored in one place, and anyone within your company that has the necessary access can get to this information whenever needed.

Important factors to consider with selecting sales tracker software include ease of use, customization capabilities, integration with your current software program for service after the sale, and reporting features. All sales tracker software should come with the features included above, as well as any other functions that will allow the program to work better in your specific situation. Keeping these key points in mind can help you determine which software package is best for your company.