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VAI ERP Solutions

VAI is an award-winning software developer and an IBM Premier Business Partner. Designed for the mid-range market, S2K Enterprise is used by a wide variety of mid-sized companies worldwide, with a number of clients in the manufacturing, distribution, retail, , food and related service industries. Advanced applications such as Warehouse Management Systems, EDI, CRM and e-Business provide companies the power to leverage their information technology investment.

VAI provides flexible, fully integrated business software solutions that give companies of all sizes a true market advantage. The IBM Power Systems™ technology is cost effective and can enrich your processes across-the-board, helping you improve productivity, save money and enhance customer satisfaction. With VAI’s high performance Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) application, you’ll obtain reliable data that will streamline your business processes to make it more competitive, responsive, and profitable.

VAI is committed to helping its customers meet their objectives by delivering the most robust, feature rich, flexible software solutions available. VAI’s history of customer-driven software development and commitment continues today. Hundreds of features suggested by customers are incorporated into VAI’s products yearly and new technologies are continually integrated into new offerings.

VAI continues to grow as a leading provider of ERP Software solutions. The company’s continued expansion into Canada, Europe and the Caribbean has provided VAI with worldwide recognition as an industry leader for ERP solutions.

VAI Key Strengths

  • S2K Enterprise provides one of the most advanced purchasing programs available today. A variety of tools help to minimize the burdensome tasks associated with manual purchasing through the automation of your demand planning, purchasing, and ordering process.
  • Unlimited Growth Potential – VAI’s value pack offer includes source code, an unlimited user license and no upgrade charges, allowing you to grow, add users and incorporate new technology without any additional fees.
  • Increase Staff Productivity with advanced features such as windows application integration, workflow alerts, and job scheduling.
  • Eliminate costly mistakes and improve warehouse productivity with features such as receiving/pallet creation, product movement, order verification, and counting programs.