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VAI Shopping Cart Review

VAI is an award winning business software vendor and an IBM Premier Business Partner. The company was founded in 1978, with their HQ in New York and offices in Florida, California and Illinois. VAI’s goal is to offer maximum quality websites to their customers that will allow them maximum return. They have taken their many years of experience and applied that towards innovation and dedication on the work that they do.

What VAI does

VAI’s shopping cart eCommerce offers a wide variety of solutions for their customers to assist them in marketing their product on the internet. Their websites assist their customers in offering great customer satisfaction and great returns. VAI’s S2K Commerce Express is a real time shopping cart software application that streamlines and automates the ordering process for online stores. S2K Commerce Express is also a comprehensive web content management system that allows users to set up an online catalog that will display product specifications, extended descriptions, thumbnail and full sized images, pricing and availability. VAI’s shopping cart software has dynamic searching features let users find products by category, part number and description. Running an online store is made easier with VAI’s robust eCommerce and shopping cart technology.

Satisfied Customers

STIHL Store, Widex PRO, Sheralve Enterprise Ltd., East End Psychological, Eastland Shoe, Caterpillar Store, Progressive Technology, Midsci, Twin County Pools, Oshkosh Store, Penn Veterinary, Calvary Lutheran Church, United Computer Group, Widex USA

Shopping Cart Product(s)

  • VAI Shopping Cart Software
  • VAI S2K

Shopping Cart Software Key Features

  • Simple Site Administration
  • Supports B2B or B2C Transactions
  • Flexible Configuration Options
  • Online Credit Card Authorization
  • Customer Credit Checking
  • Automatic e-mail Confirmation
  • Online Customer Registration
  • Order Comments
  • Customizable email Text
  • Kit Processing
  • Real-time Product Catalog
  • Featured Products and Promotions

Shopping Cart Software Highlight

The powerful combo of S2K Commerce Express shopping cart software and web content management system gives clients more control over their payment methods by providing the option for account billing or online credit card authorization. Customer, order and credit card information is automatically and transparently routed to the S2K Enterprise software for processing.

Online Shop Technology

Every year VAI offers a different hosting package for their customers. All of their packages are customizable. If they do not have a package that a customer wants, a phone call is all it takes to create a package bundle that is suitable. Their Deluxe Hosting Package is $79.99 per year and offers limited GB space and MB space. Their Unlimited Hosting Package is $164.99 per year and offers unlimited GB and MB space. Both packages offer daily back up of software as well as firewall protection.

Bottom Line

No matter which VAI eCommerce shopping cart package is chosen, the customer is sure to love the outcome. The benefits that VAI has to offer are untouchable. Creative web designs as well as one on one customer support are definitely qualities that any business owner would look for.