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Verisium QA Testing Solutions

Verisium is an industry leader in providing affordable and robust products for functional testing, regression testing, load testing, performance testing, test management, bug tracking, and requirements management. Verisium serves a wide range of customers in industries such as financial services, retail, manufacturing, energy, technology, and government.

What Verisium Can Do

Verisium provides a comprehensive product suite that addresses the entire software quality assurance and testing lifecycle. Verisium is committed to creating innovative products that answer the needs of their customers, but at a fraction of the cost of their competitors.

Satisfied Customers

Dell, Inc., Hitachi, Japan Airlines, Mitsubishi Corporation, Omni Insurance Group, Inc., Praxis Mexico, Quest Software, Inc., State of Massachusetts, Verizon Business, Zonder

Verisium QA Testing Products

  • vTest: an automated functional and regression testing product designed for web applications
  • vPerformer: a performance and load testing product that measures the performance and scalability of web applications
  • vManage: provides tools for test management, bug tracking, and requirements management to better organize and manage the testing process

Verisium QA Testing Key Features


  • Reduce time-to-market by automating functional and regression testing
  • Run tests on demand or by a set schedule without needing user intervention
  • Generate easily modifiable tests to manage product evolution


  • Built on a user-friendly interface based on point-and-click operations
  • Develop customized, data-driven, reusable and goal-oriented test scripts
  • Simulate large numbers of virtual users without putting a heavy load on your hardware


  • Gain traceability between tests and business requirements
  • Allow management and development teams to monitor testing processes
  • Incorporate project requirements, test plans, test cases, bugs, reports, resources, and schedules together to quicken the application testing process

Verisium Technology

Verisium products do not require an extensive programming background to be used. Solutions require a system that is IBM compatible and a PC with Pentium R II 266 MHz microprocessor. Verisium solutions operate with Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/Vista and require Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0 or higher.

Bottom Line

Verisium provides a rich product portfolio of solutions that enables organizations to meet their quality challenges and develop superior quality applications. Their product suite is built to answer every need within the software quality testing process to deliver a complete, affordable solution.