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Vignette Content Management Solutions

Vignette built its world-class reputation in the content management business by helping organizations improve the way they connect online with their key audiences.

For more than ten years, Vignette has played an integral role in the evolution of the Internet. Vignette’s early content management and delivery tools laid the groundwork for some of the Web’s most popular sites. Today, Vignette’s award-winning solutions power some of the world’s most powerful online brands and enable organizations to have more meaningful interactions with their customers.

Vignette’s unique contribution lies in its technology and web-based solution framework for content management and its ability to leverage that technology in support of the diverse strategies of the businesses and industries it serves.

Vignette Content Management is an integrated offering that provides business users with a unified interface to manage virtually all of their content from a single application, thereby reducing duplicated efforts, training and development costs.

Vignette Content Management provides a cost-effective, standards-based and powerful solution for creating and managing information from across the organization, destined for Web sites and portals inside and outside the enterprise.

Vignette’s content management software is used to aggregate and deliver content both internally and externally, including Web content. Its leading-edge, globally deployed software solution suite can be integrated with enterprise information systems, such as resource planning software and supply chain management applications, to present data on intranets and on the Internet. It also allows companies to deliver personalized content and to analyze customer behavior. In addition to software, Vignette provides a range of technology services, including consulting, maintenance, and training.

What’s more, the company’s Web content management, portal, collaboration, integration, interaction management, document and records management and imaging and workflow technologies give organizations the capability to provide a personalized and interactive Web experience that matches the expectations created by high-profile Web properties.

Vignette’s products and capabilities are supported by its professional services organization, Vignette Professional Services (VPS). VPS offers pre-packaged and custom services to help organizations define their online business objectives, and build and deploy applications in support of those objectives. In July 2008, the Company completed its acquisition of all of the issued and outstanding stock of MicroNets, Inc. (doing business as Vidavee).

Designed specifically to empower business users to leverage the online channel to deliver information effectively, in realtime, to targeted audiences, Vignette Content Management quickly meets an organization’s evolving content management needs and helps to save time, minimize risk and reliably deliver mission-critical content to customers, employees, suppliers and partners.

Today, Vignette’s award-winning solutions power some of the world’s most powerful online brands and enable organizations to have more meaningful interactions with their customers. The company is headquartered in Austin, Texas.

Vignette Key Strengths

  • Vignette’s world-class web-based products allow enterprises to store, access, and deliver content, such as records, documents, images, media files, and databases–and to link content management solutions with software for supply chain management, resource planning, and other applications.
  • The company’s product offerings categories include Web content management that manages content, sites, content types, and objects and the deployment and delivery of content; Portal, which provides a platform for personalizing and customizing Web experiences for individuals and groups; collaboration that enables and organization to share knowledge internally and among its key constituencies; and integration and interaction management, which improves communications with stakeholders, such as customers, prospects, employees, and partners.
  • Vignette’s offerings also comprise a robust solution that delivers document and records management that manages an organization’s fixed assets and casework. Through a specified process, the Vignette solution automates document-based workflows and implements archival and disposition of records, imaging, and workflow; this allows a user to scan, archive, and retrieve document-based content and helps organizations to automate business processes.
  • Vignette also offers various consulting and education services to customers to identify their strategic application objectives and design applications; and customer care, maintenance, and support services that include a combination of account management and technical support.
  • Vignette delivers the Web’s most dynamic user experiences. No matter what form digital content takes, from simple documents to the most complex rich media, Vignette solutions help organizations find the greatest value from it. The company’s products and solutions create the Vignette Web Experience platform, the backbone of online interaction that is vibrant, collective, and contribution-rich.
  • Over the last few years, Vignette has been positioned in the leader quadrant, by Gartner Inc., in its Magic Quadrant for Horizontal Portal Products report.