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Volusion eCommerce Software Review

For those seeking a full-featured eCommerce software package, Volusion is definitely worth a look. eCommerce sites can vary tremendously, from simple to complex,and Volusion’s five different options cater to this need. New site operators that are just beginning will have something here to suit them, while others with more sophisticated needs will have access to a wide range of features with one of the higher-end offerings.

eCommerce actually has several components beyond simple Web design and payment processing, and Volusion attempts with great success to meet most of these needs in a single package. One of the most important features, for instance, that is absolutely necessary for any eCommerce site is the ability to accept multiple payment types, and Volusion offers this.¬†Accommodating both the front- and back-end, Volusion also includes Web design tools that are well-suited to the creation of commercial storefronts, including several attractive templates that can be easily customized. Once your store has been created and the payment processing enabled, you have a choice of hosting it on your own server or on Volusion’s own hosting service.

Those who are new to eCommerce will appreciate the simplicity of setup. But while the system is easy to use, it is by no means short on features, and this makes Volusion great for startups that need to get up and running quickly, and users who may not be proficient in more complex systems. Volusion is also useful for larger stores and online entrepreneurs that already know the ropes, due to its extensive feature set.

An absolute necessity for any commercial web site is tracking and reporting, and Volusion’s eCommerce software comes prepackaged with administrative tools for keeping track of inventory. Volusion also offers detailed tools for managing traffic and sales in real-time. And of course, security is taken into account. Volusion’s eCommerce software also delivers the ability to deploy a SSL-encrypted site. In accordance with PCI regulations, only the last four digits of a credit card number are displayed during processing.

Volusion offers great advantage in being a one-stop eCommerce software solution, going far beyond the basics to accommodate everything you will need to operate an efficient and profitable eCommerce site. Pricing is reasonable and there is a free trial. Volusion charges only a monthly fee and there is no requirement to pay based on a percentage of sales, which is advantageous. Beginners can take advantage of the introductory “Steel” package, which allows for sales of up to 20 separate products; the “Gold” package accommodates up to 1,000 products; and the highest-end “Platinum” package is for unlimited products.