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What is Email Marketing Software?

Completely Automate Your Email Campaigns
As businesses look to significantly improve results from lead generation efforts while dramatically decreasing related expenses, many of them are ramping up their email marketing programs as a means of more cost-effectively communicating with and enticing potential customers. And, with the help of email marketing software, these companies are finding it easier than ever before to plan, create, launch, and track these important initiatives.

Email marketing software packages, which are available from many different vendors as either on-site applications or as hosted solutions, fully automate email campaign execution from start to finish. With email marketing software, companies have all the tools they need to:

Increase Staff Productivity
Tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone manual processes – such as segmenting prospect and customer lists in Excel spreadsheets or entering response information into customer relationship management systems – are eliminated with email marketing software, and replaced with efficient, streamlined activities. So, staff can stop wasting time on cumbersome campaign administration, and focus their efforts on strategic and tactical planning.

Accelerate Campaign Distribution
Sending out bulk communications to large lists using traditional email systems can be quite a challenge. Emails must typically be broken up and distributed in smaller groups or batches, in order to avoid disrupting system traffic flow, which can hinder the delivery of other important business messages. But with email marketing software, marketing staff can distribute high volumes of emails in just a few mouse clicks, without negatively impacting email server performance.

Additionally, many email marketing software systems will analyze email content, and estimate a piece’s probability of getting trapped in corporate spam filters. This further enhances campaign distribution by ensuring that emails are delivered to the widest possible audience.

More Accurately Assess Results and ROI
Most email marketing software products include advanced email analytics that enable marketing staff to measure the success of each individual program by tracking key performance metrics such as open rates, click-through rates, conversion rates, etc. Campaign managers can even monitor costs versus results, to more accurately determine return on marketing investment.

Improve Database Management
As any seasoned marketing professional will note, an accurate database is the key to campaign success. Email marketing software makes it easier to log changes to contact information by dynamically tracking email bounce-backs and opt-outs. So, customer and prospect data is always up-to-date, and the integrity of your marketing database can be fully maintained at all times.

Enhance Strategic Campaign Planning
Which campaign messages are resonating most with our target audience? Which “call to action” offers are generating the highest response rates? Which segment of our prospect base is expressing the most interest in our products or services? For many email marketing professionals, the answers to questions like these are often difficult to find.

This, perhaps, is the greatest value that email marketing software can offer. It gives marketing teams the power to analyze email marketing campaign data in great depth. So, they can better determine what works, what doesn’t, and why. In this way, email marketing software facilitates more effective strategic campaign planning and enables the deployment of more successful programs and initiatives.