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What Is Remote Support Software?

Remote Support Software: How It Works and How It Can Work for You
The number of organizations who are purchasing, implementing, and using remote support software is on the rise, as busy IT departments, help desks, and tech support teams struggle to oversee technology infrastructures that are more complex and geographically-dispersed than ever before. With a remote support software solution in place, IT professionals can more effectively and affordably control, monitor, and maintain a wide range of technology assets, no matter where they are located.

But, what is remote support software, and what exactly does it do?

A remote support software package is a suite of powerful and innovative technology tools that enable people to work directly with desktop computers, applications, hardware, software, databases, and almost any other type of enterprise system – “virtually,” from any external location, anywhere around the globe. Authorized users can instantly and dynamically connect to any component in the architecture from any remote location in the world – even if the person and the system they are accessing are many continents apart. They can then execute system diagnostics, check the status of monitoring software, initiate shut-downs and re-boots, transfer and install patches or other files, collect platform and system configuration information, and perform other administrative tasks, without ever leaving their desks.

As a result, a remote support software solution can facilitate faster, more efficient, and more cost-effective problem troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolution; maintenance and repairs; upgrades and enhancements; and more. Why is this important? Because as the number of help desk and support-related calls continues to skyrocket – the average IT team receives as many as 100 requests or new job tickets each day – the need to make technical support procedures and activities more productive and more economical has become increasingly critical.

A remote support software package can be used in a variety of ways. Its primary purpose is to help internal IT departments to more rapidly and effectively address the technical support needs of employees. This is particularly advantageous for global companies with numerous locations that span multiple countries and continents, as well as business that operate out of multiple branch offices, or those that employee a large number of virtual or home office-based workers. With remote support software, these types of organizations can significantly increase the productivity of IT operations, and reduce associated costs. Remote support software eliminates the need for companies to hire several IT teams to provide “live” support to each site or location, or waste time and money by sending technical support staff from one office to the next to administer desktop computers, servers, and other technology assets.

However, many software and hardware providers are also realizing tremendous benefits from the use of a remote support software package. These companies are leveraging remote support software to accelerate the delivery of technical support to customers, while reducing related costs. For example, remote support software allows them to troubleshoot and diagnose problems, without the need to send a field technician to visit the client’s site. This not only cuts expenses, it speeds up problem resolution and improves customer satisfaction.