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What is Software Quality Assurance Testing?

Companies today must develop unique, innovative software products and push them to the market as quickly as they can. However, any errors or failures in the product can cause a company to lose money, as well as damage their reputation.

This is where software quality assurance testing comes in. Software quality assurance testing is geared towards preventing and detecting any software bugs or defects that could affect the software’s performance. In software quality assurance testing, a system or application is tested to see what will happen in specific and controlled conditions. Tests are undertaken in both normal user conditions as well as in unusual situations to see how the application will respond and to evaluate the results.

Depending on the organization, a software quality assurance and testing team will be formed to carry out the testing process. These teams are usually comprised of both testers and developers who work together throughout the application testing lifecycle.

The goal of software quality assurance testing is to ensure that the quality of the applications meets certain standards and performs as it should. Software quality assurance testing should also deliberately test for possible defects to ensure that these issues are noticed and fixed before release.

Though testing may require the investment of time and money, the benefits are well worth the expense. Any defect found in a company’s releases could greatly harm their reputation, as well as cost much more than carrying out a testing process in the first place.  The industry is littered with stories of releases gone bad and costly errors that cost a company millions. You don’t want to be part of that list, and software quality assurance testing can ensure that you won’t.