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What SFA Means for Your Business

SFA Enhances Your Entire Sales Cycle
More and more businesses are recognizing the need for sales force automation (SFA) solutions.

As competition heats up in virtually every industry, companies must add new products and services to their portfolios, offer flexible bundling and pricing options, and sell through multiple channels in order to stay one step ahead. At the same time, sales reps must be able to identify potential customers, juggle opportunities, and close deals more efficiently than ever before. SFA gives companies the tools they need to streamline even the most complex, multi-faceted sales processes.

A SFA system dramatically enhances the entire sales cycle from end to end. With SFA, businesses can seamlessly tie together numerous inter-related sales tasks, from prospecting, opportunity management, and forecasting, through order processing, commission allocation, and performance measurement.

Businesses that implement SFA solutions can achieve significant benefits, including:

Increased Productivity
With SFA, sales staff can forget about paperwork and other labor-intensive administrative activities and focus on what really counts – winning new business.

Manual, fragmented, and redundant tasks that waste time and money and hinder sales success are eliminated, and replaced with fully-automated, well-executed processes. SFA dramatically accelerates sales cycles by making contact data easier to access, opportunities easier to identify, deals easier to track, and pipelines easier to manage.

Rapid Collaboration and Information Sharing
Transforming a prospect into a client requires the skill and effort of many staff members throughout a company. SFA systems create a centralized repository of accurate contact and sales-related data, facilitating instant access to the valuable, real-time information needed to ensure smooth and efficient sales operations. Additionally, many SFA packages provide comprehensive mobile capabilities. So, sales reps can review contact information, check inventory, and access other important sales-related data while they’re on the road.

Improved Forecasting Accuracy
Forecasting and pipeline management are a vital part of any successful sales strategy. Yet, retrieving, consolidating, and analyzing the massive volumes of sales data that often exists across multiple systems can make it difficult for analysts to get an accurate picture of future revenues.

With SFA systems, managers and analysts have instant access to up-to-the-minute information about deals in progress and their potential value, so they can quickly and easily generate precise forecasts.

Boost Up-Sell and Cross-Sell Ratios
Many businesses are so focused on acquiring new customers, they miss chances to derive additional revenue from within their customer base. SFA applications empower sales staff to increase customer value and profitability by helping them instantly identify opportunities to sell add on or complementary products and services to current clients.

Enhanced Performance Management
Territory managers can leverage SFA solutions to obtain complete visibility into the activities of the reps they oversee. Additionally, SFA allows them to effectively track quota achievement and measure performance by individual reps, or across teams and regions.

But most importantly, SFA can have a monumental impact on a company’s bottom line. The dramatic productivity improvements that SFA solutions provide translate into significantly reduced operating expenses. And, SFA can boost win rates and revenues, helping to make the business stronger and more profitable.