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What to Look for When Choosing a Mobile CRM Solution

The Criteria That Matter When Selecting a Mobile CRM Solution
It’s no secret that mobile CRM solutions offer tremendous value to field workers, as well as the organizations that employ them. A recent Compass Intelligence LLC research study shows that US companies will spend an estimated $9 billion on mobile applications, including mobile CRM, by the year 2011, up from $3.8 billion this year.

So, the question of whether or not you need mobile CRM is an easy one to answer. The problem and indecision lies with evaluating the many packages on the market, and correctly determining which one is right for your business.

When selecting a mobile CRM solution, be on the lookout for the following functionality:

Access to all Enterprise Systems
Some mobile CRM solutions do little more than simply extend the capabilities of customer relationship management systems to handheld devices. While this does add some value, it provides field workers with only a limited view of the information they need to most effectively interact with existing and potential clients.

The most beneficial mobile CRM solutions are those that offer access not only to information contained in a CRM application, but to any other source that contains vital customer information, such as accounting and help desk software systems.

Advanced Security
The concept of mobile CRM in itself presents a tremendous security challenge – data must be readily accessible in a fast and convenient way to a variety of remote users, but must also be fully protected from unauthorized access, theft, and other fraudulent uses.

Without the proper measures in place, highly sensitive customer information is at risk of being severely compromised. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a mobile CRM solution that leverages the most advanced security techniques available. Look for one that uses multiple layers of user authentication, data encryption, and other leading-edge features.

Dynamic Alert Capabilities
A lot goes on when a sales rep or support technician is out of the office. A large order is cancelled, an account is put on hold due to failure to pay, or parts needed for an upcoming service call become unavailable due to a delayed vendor shipment. These events can seriously impact pending client meetings, and therefore, field staff must be immediately notified as soon as they occur. Some – but not all – mobile CRM systems allow dynamic real-time alerts to be sent pre-defined users when specific business conditions arise. This helps ensure that all users, particularly those on the front lines of the business, have the intelligence and insight they need to optimize all interactions and ensure a superior customer experience.

Every company has a different set of processes in place, and each individual field worker within an organization has their own unique way of performing their job. Therefore, you don’t want to tie everyone down to a single application structure or interface. Look for a mobile CRM solution that offers some flexible end user customization options. This will allow each user to work in the way they are most comfortable by tailoring the solution to meet their exact needs.