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Why Choose Made2Manage for ERP?

Made2Manage ERP – Comprehensive ERP with Multi-Site Support

The Made2Manage ERP suite is a comprehensive enterprise resource planning solution that provides manufacturing companies with all the tools and technologies they need to centralize and effectively manage their most critical production-related processes.

With Made2Manage ERP, companies can eliminate the disparate systems and disjointed procedures that can hinder productivity and negatively impact competitive advantage by automating, streamlining, and enhancing all facets of their operations – from sales quotes and order processing through engineering, planning, production, storage, and delivery.

The Made2Manage ERP package offers many significant benefits. Among those are a fully-integrated portfolio of applications that support the broadest range of end-to-end manufacturing activities and related functions, intuitiveness and ease-of-use, and the ability for users to achieve complete visibility into all core workflows from start to finish.

But perhaps the key advantage of the Made2Manage ERP system is its robust multi-site support. Businesses can leverage the Made2Manage ERP solution to coordinate, manage, and track the execution of critical processes across multiple locations by:

  • Monitoring activities at numerous finished goods warehouses, distribution centers, storage facilities, and manufacturing plants
  • Tracking quotes, sales orders, demand, inventory, jobs, purchasing efforts, and shipping and receiving by facility
  • Planning and tracking the movement of materials between locations
  • Accounting for individual profit and loss centers

Additionally, Made2Manage ERP is built on a scalable, high performance architecture that ensures optimum flexibility and reliability.

Made2Manage ERP is available in three deployment models, to meet the varying IT needs of its customers and their end users. Customers can purchase it as a client/server application, browser-enabled system, or third-party hosted solution.

The Made2Manage ERP platform can also be easily extended to include additional applications for supply chain management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, and enterprise portals.