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Why Choose QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions?

Choosing the appropriate management software package is essential to the success of your business. You need a package that is appropriate for your midsize business currently, but that can grow and evolve as well. QuickBooks Enterprise software is the perfect solution for your account management, inventory tracking, payroll, and overall management software needs.

QuickBooks Enterprise is the largest and most diverse package offered in the QuickBooks line, with the most user licenses, the largest database capacity, and the greatest amount of activities and built-in reports. It also interfaces with the most business applications, including QuickBooks-compliant e-commerce, job costing, and customer management software.

With QuickBooks Enterprise, you can have a total of 20 licenses, all of them running and accessing company data at once. The data storage capacity that can be accessed through all these licenses is 100,000 files with information on customer accounts, vendors, and inventory items. If you can’t find a particular solution to meet your needs, you can contact one of over a hundred software professionals with the QuickBooks family, who can help you work out a customized solution for your business. The versatility of the software is incredible, especially for the price.

Searching in QuickBooks Enterprise

The search function within QuickBooks Enterprise is simple but versatile and can bring up a file based on a number of different criteria. The database within the software is based on the powerful industry standard SQL. You also have the option of installing the Google search bar within the program for a simple way to track down any file within the database.


QuickBooks Enterprise offers over 120 built-in reports so you don’t have to program this information into the system and build your own, and there are over 115 activities for greater security. You can also install and run your server with the software on both Windows and Linux operating systems, making it functional and diverse for all needs.

How Much Does QuickBooks Enterprise Cost?

QuickBooks Enterprise is much less expensive than most management software packages in its category. Prices start at around $2,500 for five users. It’s scalable, so you can always start small and add more licenses as your business grows. And it is a simple install. All you have to do is point the software to the same location and files as the other seats you already have.

QuickBooks Enterprise Customer Support

Best of all, you will find that QuickBooks Enterprise comes with 12 months of full product support that is available 24 hours a day, and you’ll automatically receive any new versions for that same 12-month period. The software is reliable and easy to use, and it’ll help your company improve performance on key financial reports as well as organize your data.

  • Beberman

    my program crashes all the time, and it started happening after an automated update.
    I asked the company for help, and all they had to say was it is your problem unless u give us your credit card to bill you.

  • Chuck

    I am lookong to run quickbooks for my small business but I do not know what I need from your software.

    I do not need payroll
    I need to invoice, Statements, printing payable checks,keep vendor purchase item No. when printing out payable statement for accounting, sales tax information for state. print out purchase orders & keep history of customers orders. Job costing,

    Which software do I need & what is the cost.


    Chuck Clough
    Printing Services Ltd.
    714-256-7700 X 772
    714-256-7711 Fax

  • John

    How do you convert a Simply Accounting file to QuickBooks?

  • Stephp

    We were told a “conversion” from Peachtree to Quickbooks would be easy, simply etc. WEll one year and about 50 grand later we are almost up and running.  Would never recommend a “conversion” style  change. Will give Quickbooks another year to convince me the change  in accounting programs was worth it. We out grew Peachtree.

  • Ray voegeli

    what is the difference between quick books and quick pro 2012

  • Candacel Holt

    Just open a small business and looking for software to use for payroll, taxes, banking records.    
    I have heard of this software to be easy to use.  If i buy this software will I get a user guide?

    • Cmlfinancial

      No they do not include that anymore but there are Quickbooks for dummies books out there if you really need it. If you have basic familiarity in bookkeeping you should be able to follow the step by step set up guide and the tabs are self explanatory. Its a great easy system to use, dont be afraid.

  • JulieL.

    QuickBooks has HORRIBLE support. Don’t expect support. All calls go to India and you get nowhere. I was charged for on-line back up of $49.95 but it was charged to my Visa five times.Calling Quickbooks is a waste of time. Next time I will just report it as a fraudulent charge.QuickBooks again, horrible and worthless support!!

  • Hagarross

    Is it possible to set up 2 separate “accounts payable” in

    This is needed for a lawyer in order to track clients
    deposits (retainers) per client.

    • Cmlfinancial

      Just set them up as John Smith and John-Smith and then when you are finalized with the client just merge the two together by taking the – out and it will ask do you want to merge these files and you hit yes and then the 2 will become 1 and all you information will remain in tact and you will easily be able to find both accounts during the split.

  • kc

    What is the advantage of purchasing quickbooks with 3 installs?

  • helen

    We have just started our own distributing business and I’m trying to decide what office software to buy but I’m confused. I want a system that can track inventory, payroll, and customer accounts. We are very small as we are just stating our business. Please advise on your products-intuit quick books vs quicken quick books. please email reply

  • anna fielder

    Please I Need quickbooks for JUST to have VENDERS,CHECK REG. BANK STATEMENTS.I hope you can help me thank you My computer is a window 8

  • TL9702

    How can I pull COTD reports from QB Mfg?

  • Aurea Garcia

    I need a program for a small pest control business but I need the program to be able to allow me to schedule and let me know when customers are due again whether quartley or annual or bi monthly does this program do that ?

  • Dee

    I need Quickbooks for my contracting business…any suggestions

  • Linda

    I want to take quick books pro-3 user on vacation for 6weeks to do payroll. What do I need to do direct deposit payroll?

  • Fred Geiger

    Quickboods is a frustrating system to use, with no support unless you are willing to pay extra for it. Even if you do pay, the system is filled with dead end or non existing functions that would make it a better program. Anyone seeking to purchase business software, to carefully compare other options available in the marketplace.

  • Kevin. S

    Quickbooks has become a master of the bait and switch by developing new features but only providing them in their most expensive platforms. A simple feature like Automatic POs is only available in the “Enterprise” platform, as if only top level businesses would use this basic function, when in fact even the smallest retail business needs this function.

    Do yourself a huge favor and find another provider that doesn’t play this multi-level products game to hide the pitfalls that they will use to squeez your business. Quickbooks puts me in mind of the Used Car Salesmen that sells you a car then tells you, “Oh, the keys, passenger side tires and a ‘reliable’ engine are extras. Be warned!

  • Darlene

    What is the difference between QuickBooks and Quicken. I work at a church on a limited budget and I am not sure what program to look at. I am told Quick Books would be better. We are using Quicken.

  • john

    what is the 800 number for quickbooks

  • Dick

    can I go back to 2014 and add information on payrolls

  • How do I backup attachments in Quickbooks pro 2015 I reset my computer and restored my backup but the attachments are missing and I’m told that there’s no way to get them back is that true?