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Why Should You Choose Hosted Shopping Carts?

It is becoming very common for merchants who are starting their first online store to decide to go with hosted shopping carts in order to start selling as quickly as possible. There are numerous reasons merchants choose hosted solutions instead of licensed software to power their online stores.

As technology continues to advance rapidly, more and more merchants are learning to see the value in choosing a hosted solution. The pricing models of licensed software versus hosted solutions are very different and the differences in what they offer are driving many merchants away from licensed solutions.

There are four reasons why hosted shopping carts are becoming a favorite among merchants and are shifting the way in which these software companies do business:

  • Hosted Shopping Carts open up the world of eCommerce to the Masses. Many who run an online business or want to open up their first online store do not have advanced web development skills and turn to hosted shopping carts as the solution to their problems.
  • Hosted Shopping Carts offer One Stop for eCommerce needs. Merchants like the fact that companies who offer hosted shopping carts will help them do everything they need to get going and many offer design and SEO services if you want the extra help.
  • Merchants who use Hosted Shopping Carts periodically receive updates, upgrades, and new features, sometimes as often as once a month and this gives them the chance to test out new features and tools and see how they can affect their business.
  • Merchants can leverage customer service support and merchants who opt for hosted shopping carts are paying for customer service support as part of their monthly package.