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Why You Need Distribution Software

Streamline Key Activities with Feature-Rich Distribution Software

A distribution software application is a robust, feature-rich technology tool that can help wholesalers, logistics service providers, and other distributors of finished goods to achieve tremendous advantages. These powerful solutions are designed to streamline and automate key activities, accelerating and improving the entire distribution chain from end-to-end.

Why do these kinds of companies need distribution software? Because, with a distribution software package in place, they can:

Enhance Visibility and Agility

Distribution processes are highly complex and multi-faceted. This not only makes it difficult for organizations to track related activities in real-time, it makes it even more challenging for them to ensure that all processes are being executed as smoothly and efficiently as possible. Distribution software can provide complete, unhindered visibility into all operations, as they occur. So problems can be uncovered before they negatively impact the business, and opportunities can be identified and instantly leveraged.

Additionally, this insight makes it easier for companies to anticipate new trends, or forecast changing factors in the business. As a result, organizations can better adjust to and meet evolving customer needs, and respond immediately to shifting marketplace conditions.

Increase Efficiency

Distribution software enables distributors of all types and sizes to operate more productively. It accomplishes this in several ways. First, it significantly reduces the amount of time needed to process sales orders, by eliminating the cumbersome manual tasks that waste time and often result in errors and re-work. It then replaces them with faster, more efficient procedures that are fully automated from start to finish.

Second, a distribution software application allows for better coordination and collaboration across the entire distribution chain, which minimizes order fulfillment time. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, a distribution software package can allow for more rapid and open collaboration between a company and its distribution partners. So, mistakes and delays caused by lack of communication or an inability to quickly share time-sensitive information are a thing of the past.

Improve Inventory Management

Distribution software gives everyone – including internal inventory personnel, as well as external vendors and suppliers – complete visibility into stock levels at multiple disparate warehouse locations. This eliminates the risk of the overages that can take up valuable real estate and waste financial resources, as well as the shortages that can lead to customer dissatisfaction and attrition.