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Why You Need PC Lifecycle Configuration Management

Simplify Your PC Management
More and more companies are recognizing the urgent need for a PC lifecycle configuration management solution. Why? In today’s age of innovation, technology has become increasingly critical to smooth, successful business operations. As a result, employees rely on their desktop and laptop computers to facilitate the efficient execution of their day-to-day responsibilities. Therefore, the performance and availability of those PCs, and the software that resides on them, must be optimized at all times.
But, the activities associated with deploying desktop and laptop PCs, and maintaining them throughout the course of their lifecycle, can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Operating systems must be set up, user profiles and access rights must be defined, software must be installed, and ongoing upgrades and administration must be continuously performed. And as companies expand, and the number of PCs and the software applications that run on them grows, those tasks increase exponentially – placing a nearly unmanageable burden on already overworked IT departments.
A PC lifecycle configuration management solution eliminates the inefficient, error prone activities that can negatively impact the performance of vital computer systems. As a result, IT staff can gain greater control over corporate PCs, while end users can rest assured that their computers will always be functioning at peak levels.

What are the key benefits that a company can achieve through the purchase and implementation of a PC lifecycle management solution?

Increased IT Efficiency
PC lifecycle configuration management systems simplify and fully automate all of the activities associated with PC support and administration. Manual tasks are eliminated, making IT professionals more productive and effective.

Reduced Costs
Because they reduce the amount of manual activity that wastes time and money, PC lifecycle configuration management packages dramatically minimize the expenses associated with computer administration, including implementation, set-up, security, and ongoing maintenance.

Accelerated Solution Deployment and Enhancement
With a PC lifecycle configuration management application in place, organizations can more rapidly roll out new software packages to end users, and begin immediately taking advantages of the benefits they offer. Additionally, enhancements to existing PCs such as software upgrades or bug fixes, can be performed in a much more timely fashion.

Improved End User Productivity
When the performance and availability of mission-critical software applications is significantly increased, the efficiency of the employees who frequently utilize them is also enhanced.

More Accurate Inventory Management
PC lifecycle configuration management solutions enable more precise logging and tracking of which PCs are owned, which are in operation, what software applications are installed, and who is using them. This unhindered visibility into assets and their usage can facilitate better compliance with licensing agreements and other guidelines, and improve return on PC investments by eliminating the risk of shelfware and increasing software utilization.

Better Policy Enforcement
With a PC lifecycle configuration management system, companies can develop and enforce formal procedures for change management, software installation and utilization, customization, user access, and more across the organization.