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Why You’ll Sleep Better with Email Security Software

Your email infrastructure is critical to facilitating the kind of fast, effective communication needed to ensure optimum efficiency and agility. But, that environment can be a breeding ground for risks that can cause great harm to your correspondence, as well as the hardware and other technology components that support it. Only email security software can proactively eliminate all threats, so you can fully leverage this vital communication channel – without losing sleep at night.

In order to fully understand just how valuable an email security software application can be, you should consider the myriad of treats that it can protect you from:


There is almost no limit to the damage a virus can do once it hits a network. The MyDoom virus of 2004 infected as many as 1 out of every 12 email messages, and the havoc it wreaked on corporate and personal email systems is too great to measure. With an email security software solution in place, corrupted files and other attached content that has been infected with a virus or worm can easily permeate your company’s network architecture. As a result, you can waste hours upon hours in lost productivity, permanently lose vital business data, and force IT teams to abandon other important technology projects to correct related problems.


A spammer distributes unsolicited email to several dozen users in your organization. It may not seem like a major problem, unless that message contains large embedded images, big attachments, or other server-clogging elements. Without email security software to prevent the proliferation of spam, companies run the risk of email network slowdowns and bottlenecks, which can cause critical delays in the delivery of time-sensitive, legitimate business correspondence.

Offensive Content

A worker receives a dirty joke from a friend, and then forwards it to a large internal mailing list. Employees who find that content objectionable then complain to your human resources department – and you’ve got a huge headache on your hands. An email security software solution can allow you to stop the distribution of email messages that contain offensive language or pictures.

Breach of Confidential Business Data

Sensitive information, such as financial data and customer details, are often shared via email in the course of day-to-day business operations. While this approach enables rapid collaboration, it can put the integrity of that information in jeopardy, increasing the odds that it will fall into the hands of people who will use it for fraudulent purposes. With an email security software package, outgoing messages can be fully encrypted before transmission, so confidential data is rendered irretrievable and unusable by hackers and other cyber-criminals.

And, perhaps most importantly, email security software offers ongoing protection from the latest and greatest threats. New viruses, malware, and other risks emerge at a rapid pace, making it difficult for businesses to keep up and maintain optimum security levels. Email security software vendors have the means to instantly identify new threats as they appear. And most of the packages on the market today include automatic update capabilities. So, you can rest assured that your email infrastructure is fully protected at all times.