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Widemile Landing Page Optimization Review

Widemile, Inc. provides web content testing and optimization technologies and services for online marketers and search advertisers. Its solutions include database marketing, email campaigns, search engine marketing, and other direct marketing solutions. The company serves software industries as well as hardware, financial services, Internet services, and retail industries.

Widemile, Inc. was formerly known as Memetic Systems Inc. and changed its name to Widemile, Inc. in 2005. Today, Widemile is recognized as a leading provider of web testing and landing page optimization technologies and services. Delivering robust landing page optimization solutions to interactive agencies and their clients, Widemile provides the tools they need to dramatically enhance performance of online campaigns, to maximize the value of their online marketing investments.

Widemile Key Strengths

  • The Widemile Landing Page optimization platform enables marketers to efficiently execute real–time testing and targeting of any website content including graphics, visual, taglines and text, providing insight into what truly drives customer conversion. The platform then dynamically serves the best performing content to each site visitor.
  • The Widemile Landing Page application has been designed from the ground up for interactive agencies, SEO/SEM companies, and other marketing service firms to provide optimization services for their clients. A simple, intuitive user interface delivers powerful capabilities for the trained professional.
  • Optimization is hard to execute well, requiring both process and technology for success. That’s why Widemile offers training and certification for Widemile Partners who want to use proven methodologies, expertise and support. Widemile’s optimization system is designed to integrate with and complement its partners’ other applications and services to maximize results for their clients.
  • Whether you are an interactive agency with many clients, an experienced data–driven marketer, or just getting started with testing and optimization, Widemile has a solution for you. Widemile is focused on providing clients and interactive agencies with the technology and services required to successfully maximize conversions.