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Workday Talent Management Solutions

What makes Workday think that it can turn ERP on its head or side, as has done with CRM in enterprises, or that the startup company can outsmart SAP and Oracle over the next few years? The company thinks that adopting the latest technology concepts, from on demand services and in memory databases to tagging and SOA, is an advantage, especially if the company is well funded like Workday.

Workday’s on-demand solutions provide an order of magnitude savings in total cost of ownership versus traditional on-premise applications. What’s more, with Workday an organization has access to the most current and innovative best practices being delivered on a regular basis.

Workday Key Strengths

  • Workday Talent and Performance Management allows companies to manage the talent of a global, diverse and mobile labor pool by bringing the flexibility, ease-of-use and significant cost advantages of the Workday on-demand HCM service environment to workforce expertise management.
  • Corporate governance, a global platform, agility, performance measurement, integration capabilities, and consumer-Web usability are built in to Workday’s solutions from the start. Workday is the alternative to today’s cumbersome enterprise applications.
  • Workday customers cross industries, sizes and requirements — from large enterprises including Chiquita Brands, ITT Defense, Life Time Fitness and McKee Foods to rapidly expanding companies such as and Inverness Medical Innovations.
  • Two of the leading software-as-a-service providers, and RightNow Technologies, have also chosen Workday as their on-demand HCM provider.