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Zephyr QA Testing Solutions

Zephyr develops test management systems and product add-ons that help enterprises and project teams manage software quality initiatives. With over 20 years of software testing experience, Zephyr is dedicated to providing comprehensive, intuitive, and affordable software solutions that optimize the testing and software release processes. Zephyr solutions simplify test management and help teams squeeze more testing time out of each test cycle, while keeping all stakeholders in sync at all times.

What Zephyr Can Do

Zephyr’s products are designed with engaging and intuitive user interfaces that are browser independent and deliver real-time updates and notifications, as well as interactive, self-updating dashboards.

Product benefits include…

  • Improve software quality by gaining better control over testing
  • More productivity by utilizing their team and test assets more effectively
  • Better flexibility from premier integrations to best of breed tools like JIRA, Confluence or any automation framework
  • Complete visibility into all aspects of testing; requirements, testcases, defects, status, quality, etc.
  • Reduce costs; licensing, support and maintenance
  • Enhanced security with isolated data and metrics by project type and user level access control

Satisfied Customers

Dell, eBay, Square, BMW, Luthansa, Chanel, Sony, Rovio, Amazon, Google

Zephyr QA Testing Products

Zephyr QA Testing Key Features

  • A customized Testing Desktop for each user with the relevant applications needed to carry out tasks efficiently.
  • Organize testing assets by Projects which can be broken down into Releases/Iterations/Sprints
  • Reuse testcases with drag and drop capability and also allows testcases to be imported, created, or edited directly from the Zephyr system
  • Show real time status updates in detailed, drill-down, out-of-the-box metrics and in Project Dashboards
  • Create and organize test requirements and map detailed test cases that can be linked to existing automation scripts
  • Integrate with defect tracking systems like JIRA and Bugzilla
  • Provide real-time defect metrics, displaying them in drill-down project dashboards

Zephyr Testing Modules

  • Administration
  • Resource Management
  • Requirements Management
  • Testcase Repository
  • Testcase Creation
  • Testcase Scheduling & Assignments
  • Testcase Execution
  • Defect Tracking
  • Documents
  • Metrics & Reports
  • Dashboard Customization
  • Collaboration

Zephyr Technology

Zephyr’s products can be accessed from the Cloud or can be installed on-premise. The Zephyr server is accessed through Testing Desktops that are browser-based, meaning no client software to install, maintain, or upgrade. The user interface utilizes a Rich Internet Application (RIA) and is compatible with popular browsers and operating systems.

Bottom Line

With Zephyr, businesses can reduce costs and improve productivity with products that require no hardware, software, or IT costs. Zephyr provides the tools and applications companies need to better manage the entire testing process. By leveraging the innovative test management technologies Zephyr has developed, businesses can gain easy access to quality intelligence that will guide critical decision-making.