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Droplr Created an IPhone App

Droplr, the file sharing company, just announced the release of an iPhone application. Droplr Desktop is an application for Mac OS X. It is a simple solution used for sharing files by dragging and dropping into the Droplr folder.

Droplr removes the hassle from sharing pictures, music or word documents. Often times, large attachments take time to send through email so Droplr changes that. Droplr provides you with a short URL after the file is “dragged&dropped” to the application. The URL can be sent to anyone and it does not require any attachments.

Now that Droplr has an iPhone app, users can do a number of things that they wouldn’t have been able to do before. Uploading videos and photos from the iPhone is easier than ever now. Also, users can even exceed Twitter’s 140 character limit with Droplr. The iPhone app has thumbnails for images and different icons to help differentiate between the types of files.

Droplr even offers vanity domains, which allows users to share files from a business or other domain. This is helpful for business users who want to send files to a customer or colleague while maintaining a professional appearance.

Droplr is free for the first GB of storage space. A Twitter account is necessary to sign up for Droplr. The iPhone app is available on the Apple iPhone App store for $4.00. The Droplr iPhone App is compatible with iPhone or iPod touches with iOS 3.0 or higher.

[Photo courtesy of gulfnewsjournal.]