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IPad More Successful Than Anyone Ever Imagined

Apple’s tablet, the iPad, has rapidly exceeded expectations. Most believed that it would not be well received because there was not really a market for tablet devices. Apple proved everyone wrong as the iPad stands to be the fastest adopted consumer electronic device…ever.

Colin McGranahan, a retail analyst at Bernstein Research, foresees a strong future for the iPad. McGranahan expects the iPad to sell approximately 4.5 million tablets per quarter. According to CNBS, this is faster than iPhone and Apple DVD players sales. McGranahan estimates that the iPad will become the fourth largest category of consumer electronics by next year. That would make tablet devices ahead of cellular phones and video games.

The iPad was not anticipated to be so popular. CNBC stated, “By any account, the iPad is a runaway success of unprecedented proportion.” Ipad sales have affected other sales, including PC devices, notebooks and possibly TV and digital camera devices. McGranahan said, “It is the rare American household that would spend $600-plus dollars on an iPad and buy a TV or a PC or a digital camera in the same month, or the same quarter, or maybe even the same year.”

The iPad may have some more competition in upcoming months, as RIM, Windows and Microsoft are all going to release tablet devices.

[Photo courtesy of identity-mag.]